So Beautiful with Bright Smile, Did Lee Min-jung Undergo Plastic Surgery on Her Face?

Double Eyelids Surgery

Eye surgery is really popular in Korea, especially for people who were born with small eyes, that are more slit-like and narrow. As an effort to make the eyes looks more larger and attractive, many celebrities decide to do double eyelid surgery to achieve the desired effects.

In Lee Min Jung’s case, her eye looks the same between old pictures of her and more recent ones. Perhaps she uses makeup to help make her eyes look bigger. There is some suspicious reduction in the size of her eyebags, though, and she might have done a procedure for the eyebags instead of having double eyelid surgery.

Rumors of a Nose Job

Many people, especially celebrities, sometimes feel unhappy with the shape of their nose. Usually, Asians want a sharper nose with a narrower nose bridge, some of them even want to change the size of their nostrils, making them smaller, to give a better proportion to the face.

For Lee Min Jung, examination of her past and recent pictures can capture the slight differences. Her nose is now sharper at the tip. Her nose bridge is free from the slight bump visible in the older photo. If she indeed did some work on her nose, the surgeon really did a great job. It looks very natural, and not at all overdone. Check out these photo comparison, below!


Lee Min Jung and The Dangerous Jaw Surgery Rumors?!

This surgery is one of the most invasive ones because the jaw occupies the bottom half of the face and any small mistake during the surgery can have dire, and may be fatal, results.

For Lee Min Jung, her past photos show a rounder chin than in her recent picture.¬† She already had the V-shaped face, but the change makes her look more model-like. Some people say that the change was caused by weight loss, but others have said that Lee Min Jung endured the pain to get a sharper face shape by doing jaw surgery. Well whether she did it or not, let’s just respect her decision and keep supporting her, no matter what, as her fans. Hwaiting¬†for you Min Jung-a!