So Beautiful with Bright Smile, Did Lee Min-jung Undergo Plastic Surgery on Her Face?

The Honey Smile Lee Min Jung

Beginning her career at the age of 25, after graduating from Sung Kyun Kwan University with a major in theater, made Lee Min Jung a late starter in the entertainment industry. But that doesn’t mean she gave up right away. Starting her career, she appeared on a Christian themed show, Pruning the Grapevine, in a minor role.

Then, in 2009, she becomes took a supporting role in one of the most famous dramas, Boys Over Flowers, as Ha Jae Kyung.  That role paved the way for her to take a lead role for the first time, in a weekend drama called Smile, You. When the drama ended, she took a hiatus for 3 years but then she made a comeback with Comeback Mister, co-starring with Rain. The drama aired starting in February 2016, and received a lot of positive reviews from audiences. This year Lee Min Jung will also be performing in a weekend drama called Fate and Fury, with Joo Sang Wook, her past co-star from Cunning Single Ladies as the main lead.

Goddess Lee Min Jung Looking a Bit Different Now?

In Korea, there is a tradition where a teenager over 18 years old will get a present from their mother, by having plastic surgery as their graduation gift. Some of them don’t feel confident enough with their current face, or maybe it’s a job demand from one of several companies that want them to look perfect from head to toe. This can be applied to some normal people, but is especially true of some important people, like artists in entertainment.

One of the teens was Lee Min Jung, and netizens were split into many opinions. Some of them believe she received plastic surgery, while some of them think that the transformation of Min Jung’s face was caused by weight loss. Let’s try to dig out one of the famous Korean actress Lee Min Jung’s plastic surgery issues, check it out!

Lee Min Jung Botox Rumors

Botox is one of the popular solutions for dealing with fine lines and wrinkles. The method is easy to apply, and only requires a short period of recovery time. Lee Min Jung seems to have been dropping some hints that she did some minor botox treatment. Some believe that since botox doesn’t involve intensive surgery, it doesn’t count as plastic surgery. If the rumors were true, the treatment seems to have worked well on Min Jung. Looking at her recent photos, she looks really young and without any wrinkles.