Get Inspired from Lee Min-ho’s Hairstyle!

Handsome Actor Lee Min-ho

Lee Min Ho is one of the hallyu actors in South Korea. He’s not just popular in Korea, either, but also overseas. Every aspect of his work in dramas and movies will always be iconic, and one of those aspects is his hairstyle. Lee Min Ho always shows his best hairstyle and has even inspired people to call the style “Lee Min Ho’s Hair”. Do you also want to get inspired by Lee Min Ho’s hair? Here’s a list some of his best hairstyles!


Goo Jun Pyo’s Hairstyle

This is the most iconic of Lee Min Ho’s hairstyles, from the drama Boys Before Flowers. In the drama, he played the role of Goo Jun Pyo, one of the members F4. Because his character is well-off, the clothes that he wears are pretty glamorous, like this fur jacket and suit. To complete the look, his hair was permed to make it full and wavy. Here are some photos from the drama.

Because of the drama’s popularity, many people wanted to copy his hair. Not many people can pull off this look, but if you want to give it a try, you can check this video below!


Long Hair

In some dramas, Lee Min Ho has long hair with a side-swept fringe. Because of the length, the fringe almost covers most of his face. This first style is the one he wore in the drama City Hunter. In the drama, Lee Min Ho has long hair with a few brown highlights.

In this drama, Lee Min Ho shows his masculine look with straight, long hair. The highlight color gives his hair a softer look. Before drama City Hunter aired, Lee Min Ho also wore a similar style in the drama I Am Sam, which aired in 2007.

In this drama, he wore longer hair, but it wasn’t as thick as in City Hunter. Actually, this long hair hairstyle isn’t new for him. In one of his predebut photos, the actor was pictured wearing the same style. The only difference is his fringe. It seems like he has been using this look for a long time!

Don’t worry, this style doesn’t make your profile look bad as long as you trim it nicely. Here’s an example of Lee Min Ho’s side profile with this long hairstyle. Even his profile looks good!