So Cute! Adorable Picture Compilations of Lee Min-ho with His ‘Baby’

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho with His ‘Baby’

Not many people think that Lee Min Ho would be able to behave this delicately with a baby. With his gentle gaze, he looked like an angel. This photo, made for the Korean Adopting Culture campaign, certainly attracted attention from the actor’s fans.

What these South Korean celebrities do below is worthy of being imitated by other artists. Using their popularity, these artists are busy supporting the adoption campaign for orphaned babies entitled “Letters to Angels”. The campaign was portrayed beautifully through photographs taken by a professional photographer, Cho Sei Hon.

During the photoshoot, the artists had the opportunity to hold one of the babies left by his biological parents. The photo studio was full of laughter and jokes when the artists were interacting with these cute, plump babies.

Check out the following photos of Lee Min Ho and the baby!

Lee Min Ho’s gentle gaze made him look like a father

Lee Min Ho gently cared for the baby.

Like an angel, Lee Min Ho plays with the baby.

This is the moment when Lee Min Ho first met the little guy.

From the beginning, they both saw the camera, Lee Min Ho and the baby finally looked at each other.