Did Lee Min-ho Undergo Plastic Surgery? Let’s Compare Before and After Photos!


Did Lee Min-ho Have Plastic Surgery?

No one can deny Lee Min-ho’s top popularity in Asia. Ever since starring in the Korean remake of Hana Yori Dango titled Boys Over Flowers along with actress Goo Hye-sun and SS501’s former member Kim Hyun-joong in 2009, Lee Min-ho has continuously gained more and more fans with his successive projects, such as City Hunter, The Heirs, and Legend of the Blue Sea. In addition, Lee Min-ho was even chosen as the brand ambassador of the Indonesian coffee Luwak White Coffee, proving that his gorgeous look and widely known reputation also work well outside the East Asiain countries (South Korea, China, and Japan).

However, has Lee Min-hoo indeed had a naturally handsome face ever since he was born? In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Lee Min-ho’s plastic surgery, including his photos from his past and his statement regarding the matter. So keep reading!

Lee Min-ho’s Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos


For most Korean entertainment fans, Lee Min-ho’s plastic surgery rumors were often heard about, especially the nose job that he supposedly had done. Back in 2011, Lee Min-ho was involved in a plastic surgery rumor after his photo with a couple plastic surgeons started surfacing on the internet forums. The photo, which was watermarked as ‘Star Line Plastic Surgery Clinic’, showed that the actor looked close with the doctors. Many netizens speculated that Lee Min-ho took the pictures after he underwent plastic surgery and the photo was taken to celebrate the successful event.

Lee Min-ho’s agency at that time, Star Haus Entertainment, denied the allegation, saying “Lee Min-ho took that photo three or four years ago because he is good friends with the doctors. He never received plastic surgery”. The denial also came from one of Lee Min-ho’s close friends, who talked with media outlet Enews 24 and gave a similar statement, “Just because he took a photo with plastic surgeons does not mean he actually had surgery. My understanding is he took that photo after he visited the clinic because of his friend. We never imagined this picture would later be inferred as Lee Min Ho having plastic surgery”.

On January 14, 2015, Lee Min-ho put a statement regarding the plastic surgery rumors that have surrounded him for years during the press conference for his movie Gangnam Blues, “I am not worried about allegations of plastic surgery because I have proof in graduation photos. My face is the type that gets swollen easily. It looks different in the morning and at night too”. In addition, the actor said that he did not really take care of his skin in the past, whereas, in the present, he occasionally goes to the dermatologist to check his skin’s condition. Despite the affirmed statement by the ex-boyfriend of actress Park Min-young and former Miss A’s member Suzy, many people still doubt that Lee Min-ho is naturally gifted with the handsome face that is familiarly known by the public.

Well, let’s take a look at the pictures of Lee Min-ho from 2006 to 2011, below!


We can see a bit by bit transformation in Lee Min-ho’s in these pictures. The first thing is that his skin gets brighter compared to how it appeared during his debut (signified by the very left frame to the second left frame), making him look more appealing. Moreover, Lee Min-ho’s face shape seemed wider, whereas, in the next frame, his face looks more proportional, as well as appearing to have a sharper jaw, hence the accusations of getting a face-reshaping surgery and jaw reduction.

The middle frame shows Lee Min-ho’s appearance in 2009, during his newly-found stardom after starring Boys Over Flowers. You can see that his cheekbones look tight, which raises the suspicion of his getting fillers or implants inserted on them. In addition, Lee Min-ho’s eyes have also changed slightly compared to the previous frame, implying that he got a procedure to make his eyes seem more lively. The next frames are Lee Min-ho’s look in 2010 and 2011, which weren’t very different compared to his appearance in 2009. We believe that he did not get any further procedures until 2011. Even so, in the following pictures below which timeline ranging from 2012 until 2016, you may think otherwise.


It is certainly obvious that Lee Min-ho had a nose job, because his nose bridge looks thinner compared to his old nose and his alars are more noticeable. Just as he has stated, himself, Lee Min-ho’s face does occasionally look rounder, especially his cheeks, though it doesn’t make him less attractive. In the frame on the far-right, you can see that the actor’s nose appeared even thinner in 2016, causing the public to suspect that he had another nose job to fix his bouncy nose in the second right frame.

In conclusion, Lee Min-ho was suspected to have gotten plastic surgery on his eyes, nose, and jaw, as well as the jaw reduction, face reshaping, and implants or filler on his cheeks throughout his career as an actor. Plastic surgery or not, we deem that Lee Min-ho would still be successful and gain fans around the world, because he is more than a merely good-looking actor. Don’t you agree, dear readers?