Lee Min-ho vs Kim Hyun-joong: Comparison of ‘Boys Before Flowers’ Actors


Both Starred In The Drama Boys Over Flowers: Let’s Check Out The Differences Between Actors Lee Min-ho and Kim Hyun-joong!

Korean drama lovers, of course, are already familiar with the two main actors in the drama Boys Over Flowers, Lee Min-ho and Kim Hyun-joong. Lee Min-ho plays the role of Gu Jun-pyo who is the leader of the group of handsome and rich men named F4, while Kim Hyun-joong plays Yoon Ji-hoo who is a member of F4. In the drama, the two compete for the heart of a girl named Geum Jan-di.

Lee Min-ho and Kim Hyun-joong both gained their popularity thanks to the Boys Over Flowers drama because of their charm which attracted the attention of Korean drama lovers. Both are also often referred to as the main outbreaks of the Hallyu Wave spread throughout the world. During the Boys Over Flowers drama, many viewers compared the style of the two.

Lee Min-ho, who plays Gu Jun-pro, is portrayed as an arrogant and unforgiving child when a student opposes him. But the figure of Gu Jun-pyo slowly began to show the good side of himself after getting to know Geum Jan-di (played by Ku Hye-sun). Gu Jun-pyo starts to respect other people’s feelings more. Meanwhile, Kim Hyun-joong played the role of Yoon Ji-hoo as a cold and indifferent figure. Yoon Ji-hoo’s attitude apparently only covered up the shortcomings of him who has a phobia of cars. Yoon Ji-ho is actually kind-hearted that he wants to be the helping angel of Geum Jan when she gets rough treatment from Gu Jun-pyo.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed rundown of the differences between these handsome actors in the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers, Lee Min-ho and Kim Hyun-joongKim Hyun-joong. So, stay tuned!

Lee Min-ho vs Kim Hyun-joong: Boys Before Flowers Era


Among other Boys Over Flowers players, the names Lee Min-ho as Goo Jun-pyo and Kim Hyun-joong as Yoon Ji-hoo are the most popular among Korean drama lovers. Both of them attracted the attention of the audience thanks to the beauty of their acting and the handsome charm of the two main actors. In fact, many viewers compared the charm of the two handsome Boys Boys Flowers actors. Are you curious about their charm when starring in the drama Boys Over Flowers? So, Let’s see their appearance here!

Lee Min-ho

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Kim Hyun-joong




Lee Min-ho vs Kim Hyun-joong Now


After the drama Boys Over Flowers ended, Lee Min-ho and Kim Hyun-joong continued their careers with their respective dramas. Their names skyrocketed and made the audience always waiting for their next drama project. Are you curious about their charms now? So, Let’s see their appearance now!

Lee Min-ho


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Kim Hyun-joong

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Lee Min-ho in The King: Eternal Monarch

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The setting of the romantic fantasy drama The King: Eternal Monarch itself takes place between two parallel realms, namely the Republic of Korea and the Korean Empire (The Kingdom of Korea). The drama The King: Eternal Monarch tells the story of a king in the Korean Empire, Lee Gon, played by Lee Min-ho. Lee Gon wants to close the door that connects his world with the Republic of Korea, even though he has to face the whispers of the demons. In addition, there is another character, namely a Republic of Korea criminal detective named Jung Tae-eul, played by Kim Go-eun who has the principle of always wanting to protect love, people, and other lives. Lee Gon and Jung Tae-eul then start working together to close the door connecting their two worlds, and try to save the lives of their loved ones.

Lee Min-ho’s appearance in The King: Eternal Monarch Drama




Kim Hyun-joong in That Time When Time Stops



The drama When Time Stops tells the story of a time traveler returning and continuing a series of time-spaces, regardless of time and aging. Joon Woo, played by Kim Hyun-joong, lives a solitary life because of his special abilities. One day, he meets Kim Sun-ah, played by Ahn Ji-hyun, a woman who makes him discover the meaning of life for the first time in his life. Will she be with him?

Kim Hyun-joong appearance in the drama That Time When Stops




Lee Min-ho’s Instagram

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Lee Min-ho received support in the form of a food truck from actor Lee Jeong-jae on the set of The King: Eternal Monarch

Lee Min-ho Enjoying vanilla ice cream with his staff

Lee Min-ho enjoyed his relaxed time in the middle of the shooting of The King: Eternal Monarch drama

Lee Min-ho expressed his gratitude to the fans who celebrated his 14th anniversary since debut

Lee Min-ho uploaded a photo with his back to the camera in The King: Eternal Monarch drama

Kim Hyun-joong’s Instagram

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Kim Hyun-joong takes his dogs for a walk to enjoy spring

Kim Hyun-joong celebrates the birthdays for his two dogs, Art and Matic. How cute are they!

Kim Hyun-joong uploaded a video showing the flowers blooming in the spring

BIO-RHYTHM The Symphony #3 concert. Did you guys watch this concert?

Kim Hyun-joong shows preparations for his new album! Can’t wait to see his new album!

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