From Park Shin-hye to Kim Go-eun, Who has the Best Chemistry with Lee Min-ho?

Lee Min-ho’s Chemistry with Jun Ji-hyun in “The Legend of the Blue Sea”


Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-Hyun have made a combination story of historical K-drama and modern times more alluring. Their chemistry during this drama aired in 2016-2017 on tvN has offered in interesting.

The long-career acting Jun Jin-Hyun is so proven on how she portrays her character on this “The Legend of the Blue Sea”. The story of this drama is the legend of classic Joseon from unofficial Korean historical tales about fishermen who capture a mermaid and release her.

Heo Joo-Jae (acted by Lee Min-ho) is the son of a wealthy businessman who worked as a con-artist after his parent’s divorce and Shin Cheong (acted by Jun Ji-Hyun) is a mermaid who travels across the ocean to find him. The drama has parallel stories of happenings to a mermaid—man on the Joseon era, and incarnation of the modern era. Here is their chemistry during “Legend and the Blue Sea.”


Lee Min-ho’s Chemistry with Kim Go-eun in “The King: Eternal Monarch”


The King: Eternal Monarch is K-drama aired in 2020 about romantic-fantasy launched in Netflix and SBS TV. Lee Min-ho acted as Lee Gon, who is the modern-day Emperor of the Kingdom Korea. He across to alter reality where the Republic of Korea and found Kim Go-Eun acted as Jung Tae-Eul, who is a detective.

The story-line is about Lee Gon, the Emperor of the Kingdom who has a debt to the woman name Juang Tae Eul. One day the King followed someone who leads him to across era and finds Jung Tae Eul.

The chemistry between Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-Eul could show on this below:


Lee Gon becomes in a different world after following someone.


Lee Gon meets Jung Tae Eul, the detective in the parallel world.


Lee Gon who is waiting for that moment is super happy to finally meet her after 25 years. Yet for Jung Tae Eul, Lee Gon just only weird people who violate the traffic regulation.


Tae Eul finds homes for Lee Gon because she could not find the identity of Lee Gon.


Lee Gon revealed his desire to propose her to be his Queen.

Finally, Tae Eul believes Lee Gon stories and agreed to find the door of their world connection.

Lee Min-ho’s Instagram

Here are some of his recent Instagram accounts @actorleeminho. Through his account, he is promoting his own K-drama in May 2020, “The King: Eternal Monarch” several times.

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That’s all about Lee Min-ho and his chemistry with the lead actress in his acting career. What do you like the most? Hopefully, Lee Min-ho will have other impressive collaboration gains in the next drama project! Give your comment and share your thoughts below!