From Park Shin-hye to Kim Go-eun, Who has the Best Chemistry with Lee Min-ho?


The Love On-Screen of Lee Min-ho You Must Know!

Lee Min-ho is known as Superstar after his acting career in Boys Before Flower as Goo Jun-Pyo in 2009. He recognized worldwide in Italy, USA, Australian, Spain, Canada, and France. He succeeds to won 45th Baeksang Arts Awards as Best New Actor Award after the role Goo Jun-Pyo. The actor who born on June 22, 1987, has continued his acting career and become famous in several titles. Let’s get to know his chemistry to his lead woman on the K-drama he involved in on this Channel-Korea! Stay reading!

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Lee Min-ho’s Chemistry with Goo Hye-sun in “Boys Before Flower”


‘Boys Before Flower’ is the famous K-drama in 2009 which has been adapted from the Japanese manga series Boys Over Flowers. Lee Min-ho acted as Goo Jun-pyo who is the high school student and the leader of F4, rich, famous boy group in the school, also son from the Shinwa business throne, and falls in love with the poor class girl named Geum Jan Di. The story conflicts started when Joon Pyo wants to get her heart in many ways besides their huge separating class.

The scene which is wrapped up so exciting with humor, sadness, the romance made this K-drama got a special place to the viewers in South Korea and also all over the world.

The scene which is wrapped up so exciting with humor, sadness, the romance made this K-drama got a special place to the viewers in South Korea and also all over the world.

The chemistry between Lee Min-ho and Goo Hye-sun from the beginning to the ending is showing their dynamic effort to the sake of love against Joon-Pyo’s mother. The fans all over the world even formed this couple into MinSun Couple as they showed much-engaged chemistry during this drama

So many rumors are arising about their relationship quoted in Vogue interview such as after 6-months together in filming Boys Before Flower, they were felt comfortable, Lee Min-ho admitted that he become understand Hye Sun since a child. From the other source also Lee Min-ho has a desire to have other collaboration with Hye Sun one day. Till now, no other explanation about their relationship from them or their management, so it seems Lee Min-ho and Go Hye-sun was being professional and admiring each other as actress and actor. What do you think?

Here is some of the scene they had on Boys Before Flowers:

Goo Jun-Pyo asked Jan Di to go along with him getting a holiday to New Caledonia with his friend, F4. Romantic scenes in this episode become so enchanting and surprising as Jan Di becomes so much shocked, happy at the same time as she experienced what she never had before, like a fly to the secret island with the private jet.

In the other scene, Goo Jun-Pyo stays overnight in Jan Di small house. On the other hand, he got experienced to get a warm welcome from the family that he never had in his own family.

The first kiss scene ever of Goo Jun-Pyo and Jan Di becomes so much exciting to see on episode 9 when they screw up the double date. This happened in the swing park near Jan Di’s house.


Another kiss scene in the middle of traffic on the Seoul road.



Lee Min-ho’s Chemistry with Park Min-young in “City Hunter”


Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young become the lead couple on this K-drama “City Hunter”. This drama is aired in 2011 as K-drama which the story is adapted from the Japanese manga series written by Tsukasa Hojo.

Lee Min-ho acted as Lee Yun Song who worked as a secret agent and wants also to have self- mission to get revenge on politicians after his father’s death. The story begins when Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young (acted as Kim Na Na) worked together as a bodyguard of the South Korean President home in the Blue House. They were falling in love even though Lee Yun Song is prohibited.

Their chemistry during the drama series is built well and transferred into a strong relationship through the drama. Nonetheless, their fans also made their couple name called “ MinMin Couple”. Apparently, their chemistry was not just on the screen, their loves are grown along the way during the drama and after.

Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young become the real couple after the City Hunter filming. Their agency has made clarification and admitted that they were really a couple. Long before, Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young have been known each other as they started their career during advertisement shooting in Pizza Hut and also drama production in “I am Sam”. Park Min-young become the lead actress on this drama yet Lee Min-ho set as the cameo. Unfortunately, their relationship has been ended and their agency has opened about their separation.

Here below some of their scene on the City Hunter:


Lee Min-ho’s Chemistry with Son Ye-jin in “Personal Taste”


Personal Taste is the 2010 K-drama about Park Kae In, acted by Son Ye-jin, is the daughter of the famous architect who just left by her boyfriend and married her best friend instead.

Lee Min-ho acted as Jeon Jin Ho, the young architect who prepared his architecture competition and want to make San Go Jae as his design reference which is the home of Park Kae In. Park Kae In has broken finances since she has many invoices from the debt collector need to be paid. She then let Jeon Ji Ho rent one of her rooms in Sang Go Jae, as she thought that Ji Ho was gay.

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The story-line is so much intrigued and interesting. Their relationship was made from something unnecessary yet it becomes more engaging. The character of Son Ye Jin as Park Kae In is messy yet so unique made and Jeon Ji Ho competitive and tidy made these couple more alluring.

Their adult love-couple really could be enjoyed on this K-drama. See their chemistry below!


Lee Min-ho’s Chemistry with Park Shin-hye in “The Heirs”


The Heirs is a South Korean drama aired by SBS in 2013 which also known as The Inheritors. The story started with the inheritance of The Empire Group, Kim Tan (acted by Lee Min-ho) get to take the lead of the family business empire and falling in love with the poor girl, Cha Eun Sang (acted by Park Shin-Hye). Cha Eun Sang is a hard worker and diligent to do part-time jobs to help and provide her and her mother’s life. She is looking for her sister in the United States and ended up meeting Kim Tan there. Kim Tan gets to choose between love or the family business empire.

Some chemistry of Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-Hye during “The Heirs”, showed below:

The scene of Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang after get wet accidentally become dramatic.


Kim Tan waiting voluntarily since early morning to get a chance to go to school in the same car. So sweet!


The most memorable kiss scene of them on The Heirs


Kim Tan takes a romantic moment secretly to Cha Eun without anyone notices at his house. It will make your heart drop if somebody would come to see them, what will happen!


The outbound from school has made their first moment of them could be happy together.


They finally open up to the family of their relationship, they decided to come public.


After all, their ending happy go after. So fascinating seeing their effort become a sweet moment.