Check Out Lee Min-ho’s Top Dramas and Movies You Have to Watch, Here!

Gangnam Blues

Gangnam Blues (강남 1970) is Lee Min-ho’s first movie after 7 years. The movie itself was released in 2015 and directed by director and writer, Yoo Ha. In this movie, Lee Min-ho’s character is called Kim Jong-dae, a young man who joins a political gang to gain more money and go up in the hierarchy. Set in the 1970s, the story revolves around him and his best friend, Baek Yong-ki (played by actor Kim Rae-won) who used to live in poverty when their home was demolished to be turned into a developed area. To get out of poverty, both of them join political gangs.

Three years later, they both become part of a gang. Kim Jong-dae becomes the adopted son of former leader gangster. Baek Yong-ki also becomes one of the important players in a crime organization. One time, Kim Jong-dae become involved with a real estate investor named Min Seong-hee, who has political connections. He asks Baek Yong-ki to become his partner in this plan. Then, he starts buying land in Gangnam before the land becomes the main hub in Korea. Turns out, Kim Jong-dae has to face Baek Yong-ki’s betrayal. Is Kim Jong-dae able to finish his mission and defeat his own best friend?

Lee Min-ho’s acting as Kim Jong-dae in this movie feels new and refreshing because this role is very different from his previous projects. When we are watching this movie, his “flower boy” image is gone because of his excellent acting. The Lee Min-ho that we know is very different from his role in the movie. In the press conference, the director revealed that Lee Min-ho actually has a sex scene with actress Kim Ji-soo but didn’t make it to the final edit. Lee Min-ho jokingly said that his torso working out was for nothing.

For Lee Min-ho himself, because of his role as a gangster, he squeezed his time between filming to practice martial arts. While filming the movie, Lee Min-ho was in the middle of overseas schedules. Well, it seems that his hard work has paid off because although Gangnam 1970 is restricted, the movie is still doing well and was a top box office on the first day of opening. Lee Min-ho even got awarded with the Popular Star Award at the 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2015. If you’re curious about his performance as an action actor, Gangnam 1970 is recommended for you!


Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters is an action comedy collaboration movie between China, South Korea, and Hong Kong. Released in 2016, this movie becomes Lee Min-ho’s fourth movie after his last movie, Gangnam 1970. In the movie, Lee Min-ho is playing the role of Lee San, a martial arts expert that becomes ex-Interpol police with Ayo (played by Chinese actor Wallace Chung). Because of their job to protect an informant who has information about terrorist attacks across Asia, they end up in a hotel in Incheon, South Korea. Turns out, there’s a bomb-related crime at the hotel they’re staying at. Along with other members: a beautiful boss named Kat (played by Tiffany Tang), a hacker named Swa (played by Karena Ng), and a muscled butler named Babe (played by Louis Fan), they’re working together to defeat the bombing culprit. Can they track down the culprit?

Same with his previous movie, Lee Min-ho is demonstrating his excellent performance as an action actor in this movie. Even though it’s a comedy movie, the characters’ action performances can’t be neglected. They’re able to showcase the best action scenes with intense fighting scenes. The movie itself is directed by South Korean director, Shin Tae-ra, who has previously directed other action comedy movies, such as Runway Cop and My Girlfriend is an Agent.

As far as the storyline is concerned, there’s no “surprise” element in it. Like other action movies, the group is fighting with the villains and wins at the end. Lee Min-ho’s character is also highlighted by his handsome face and he turns into the “Handsome Bounty Hunter.” But, viewers will be entertained by the comedy elements in the movie. However, if you want to watch a light action movie, Bounty Hunters can be a perfect choice for you!