Check Out Lee Min-ho’s Top Dramas and Movies You Have to Watch, Here!

Lee Min-ho, The Hallyu Actor

Lee Min-ho is one of the hottest actors in South Korea. Making his debut in 2003 with the drama Secret Campus, Lee Min-ho has been a part of many famous dramas and movies. However, in 2017, Lee Min-ho started serving in the military as a public service duty. Since then, he hasn’t come back to the entertainment industry. As his fans, Minoz, we miss watching him on the small screens so much. Then, while waiting for Lee Min-ho’s new project, let’s watch some of his famous works!

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Lee Min-ho’s Top Dramas and Movies

Lee Min-ho has worked on many dramas and movies and some of his movies and dramas have become very popular both domestically and internationally. Here are some recommendations for you!

Boys Over Flowers

Almost Paradiseee…

Who doesn’t know that song? Yes, an OST from the famous drama Boys Over Flowers! Adapted from the Japanese manga with the title Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flowers was airing on the KBS network, in 2009, and received a lot of love from the viewers. The drama tells the story of a poor girl named Geum Jan-di (played by Goo Hye-sun) that is going to school in a high school for the wealthy kids. At school, she is being picked on by the famous gang F4; Goo Jun-pyo (played by Lee Min-ho), Yoon Ji-hoo (played by Kim Hyun-joong), So Lee-jeong (played by Kim Bum), and Song Woo-bin (played by Kim Joon). Soon, Geum Jan-di gets involved in a love relationship with the F4 members. What’s gonna happen with Geum Jan-di?

Boys Before Flowers’ popularity was increasing from episode to episode. The series became the top drama after receiving ratings over 30% in every episode. The reason the series got so much love is that it is the adapted version of the famous manga and also has a great storyline. The character Goo Jun-pyo is a rich, but arrogant, young man. Turns out, he is hiding his feelings so people don’t have a lot of expectations for him. Only Geum Jan-di is able to change his heart and make him fall in love again. Lee Min-ho is acting perfectly as a rich student with his permed hair and fur coat. The role in this drama is the same as his role in the drama I Am Sam. Due to the popularity of this drama, his permed hairstyle also became famous.

If you want to watch Lee Min-ho being a high schooler, and you like a drama with a lovey-dovey storyline, Boys Before Flowers is highly recommended for you! But, if you have already watched this drama, let’s watch it again to satisfy our nostalgia for Goo Jun-pyo!


Personal Taste

After Boys Before Flowers, Lee Min-ho starred in another drama titled Personal Taste. Unlike other ordinary dramas, the storyline of this drama is quite unique. Lee Min-ho plays the character of Jeon Jin-ho, an architect that has a goal to win a project bid and also to win the favor of his boss. Turns out, his boss likes Sanggojae (a Korean traditional house). To learn more about the house, he pretends to be gay so he can live in a Sanggojae house owned by Park Gae-in (played by Son Ye-jin).

Park Gae-in herself is a woman who just broke up with her boyfriend Han Chang-ryul (played by Kim Ji-sook). She needs money as soon as possible before she has to sell the house. Then, Jeon Jin-ho proposes the idea and they decide to live together under one roof. But, his secret can’t be kept forever when he starts falling in love with Park Gae-in. To make things worse, Jeon Jin-ho’s senior, who is actually gay, starts falling in love with him after finding out that he is “gay”. Park Gae-in again starts getting involved with her ex-boyfriend who always uses her. Can they meet half way and fall in love with each other?

Lee Min-ho’s role in the drama is quite unique and is a challenge for him as an actor. Like Goo Jun-pyo’s character, his personality in the drama is arrogant and egotist. But, viewers can watch the change of his personality toward Park Gae-in. One of the famous scenes from the drama is when Jeon Jin-ho takes a shower and Park Gae-in accidentally opens the door. This became a very popular scene because the conversation is quite funny. Jeon Jin-ho is surprised to see Park Gae-in in the bathroom but she isn’t amused at all because she thinks of him as a gay man.

The storyline and the actors’ acting in the drama is the reason this drama is still being recommended to the viewers. If you want to watch a drama with a funny and romantic story, Personal Taste would be a great choice for you. Highly recommended!


City Hunter

Are you a fan of the drama City Hunter? Yes, the next drama that we’re gonna talk about is City Hunter! The drama is about Lee Yon-sung (played by Lee Min-ho) who works at the Blue House as an IT expert. Actually, he’s only working as an IT expert as a cover-up for fulfilling his adoptive father’s revenge plan. When Lee Yoon-sung was an infant, he was kidnapped by his adoptive father and trained for the revenge. While he is working, he meets Kim Na-na (played by actress Park Min-young), a beautiful bodyguard and starts falling in love. Lee Yoon-sung knows that his adoptive father clearly told him to not fall in love or start a relationship with anyone.

But, Lee Yoon-sung still wants to continue his relationship with her after knowing that she is on the same side as him. The revenge plan starts to unfold and now both of their lives are in danger after Lee Yoon-sung exposes the government’s secrets. What’s gonna happen to them?

In the drama, Lee Min-ho is acting in many hard action scenes. Of course, he killed it again with his excellent performance. Story-wise, City Hunter is a quite heavy drama because it uses politics and revenge as the background of the story. But, don’t worry, you can still enjoy this drama because the actor’s acting looks very realistic. Goo Ha-ra from KARA also acts in City Hunter as the president’s daughter.

The drama City Hunter is adapted from the Japanese manga with the same title, written by Tsukasa Hojo. For the Korean adaptation, the story is filled with more political issues and more conflicts. In the drama, Lee Min-ho is acting alongside actress Park Min-young as his lover. Because of their chemistry, many viewers have thought that they must be dating in real life as well. It turned out, that they’re really dating each other. While the news of them was reported, they had already been dating for a month.

Their relationship started while working together in the drama and it developed into romantic feelings. Before the news about him dating Park Min-young, Lee Min-ho was rumored to have broken up with his non-celebrity girlfriend after 6 months of dating. But, this rumor was unfounded. Sadly, after dating for a year, the couple announced their break-up due to very busy individual schedules.

Despite the couple’s break-up, viewers will never forget the drama City Hunter because of its good storyline and also the actor’s performances. If you are looking for an action drama with a romantic story, then City Hunter is recommended for you!


The Heirs

Here’s the drama that started the “Kim Tan” craze internationally, The Heirs! In this drama, Lee Min-ho acts as Kim Tan, a chaebol from the Jeguk (Empire) Group that is attending Shinhwa High School. Even though he is a chaebol, he has an illegitimate child and has two mothers. Because his brother doesn’t want him to steal the company, he is being sent to America. In America, he meets Cha Eun-sang (played by actress Park Shin-hye) who is looking for her sister.

After coming back to Korea, he finds out that actually, Cha Eun-sang is the daughter of one of his maids that is also attending the same school as him. Even though he is engaged to Yoo Rachel, he starts falling in love with Cha Eun-sang. At the school, Kim Tan becomes the target of Choi Young-do (played by Kim Woo-bin). Then, the three of them get tangled in a love triangle relationship. Who will Kim Tan choose?

Again, in this drama, Lee Min-ho acts as a high schooler. His acting as Kim Tan is undoubtedly excellent. He is paired with actress Park Shin-hye who acts as Cha Eun-sang. Through Cha Eun-sang, who is a hardworking girl, Kim Tan learns what it means to live ordinarily and live with meaning in life.

Not only Kim Tan’s character, but other characters in the drama are also fun to watch, such as Yoon Chan-young (played by Kang Min-hyuk from CNblue) and Lee Bo-na (played by Krystal from F(X)). Both of them act as a couple and often show their affections for each other. Putting together all the characters, The Heirs gives off the same vibe as American series, such as Gossip Girl or The Carrie Diaries. If you want to watch a Teen drama with rich people problems, then The Heirs can be your choice. Recommended!


The Legend of the Blue Sea

Lee Min-ho’s character in the drama is that of Heo Joon-jae. He is a con-man from a wealthy family. One time, he meets Se-hwa (played by Jun Ji-hyun) whom he calls Shim-cheong or stupid. Turns out, their meeting is a fateful event. In the past life, Se-hwa was a mermaid who fell in love with a man named Kim Dam-ryung. But, because her tail couldn’t grow before adulthood and Kim Dam-ryung already had an arranged marriage, she erased his memories and reincarnated in the present as a woman. After their encounter, Heo Joon-jae starts having a recurring dream that shows that he was actually Kim Dam-ryung in his past life. Will they be able to reunite like in their past life?

Not only acting as a dandy and rich man in the drama, but Lee Min-ho also acts as a person from the Joseon Period. This is his second time acting as a person from the Joseon period, after the time travel drama, Faith, in 2012. Of course, Lee Min-ho did a good job with this role and he even looks good in Korean traditional clothes. Regarding the cinematography, this drama offers the best cinematography that a Korean drama has ever had. The production team shot the drama in Spain and Jeju Island. Wow!

If you want to watch a drama of the supernatural genre, mixed with comedy in it, The Legend of the Blue Sea can be a perfect choice for you. Recommended!