Details About Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun’s Relationship

Fans Speculation

Fans speculation had started ever since the filming of the drama started in Spain, as there were rumors surrounding Lee Min-ho’s breakup with Suzy for a long time. This was also supported by Lee Min-ho stating that this is his last drama, before enlisting later that year, fueling assumptions that he will either get married with Suzy or break-up before the enlistment date arrives.

Even though Jun Ji-hyun is married, fans aren’t very familiar with this marriage, and after the scenes aired, they were blinded by the chemistry of the two. Their speculations stemmed and spread like wildfire and there is no clear conclusion drawn since the two parties chose to ignore the rumors with no statements whatsoever. This indicates how baseless this rumor is and that it needs no further explanation.

So what do you think of the rumor? Do you think that they both cheated on their partners? Let us know in the comments below!