Details About Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun’s Relationship

Dating Rumors

Dating rumors sparked as steamy and passionate scenes aired as part of their drama. The drama itself revolves around a love story, so its inevitable that the two are involved in several touchy scenes including kisses, making out, skinship and bed scenes like the one depicted above. Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun are no strangers to such scenes, yet it seems just a tad bit more scandalous now that two are in committed relationships of their own.

The underwater kiss that was included in the teaser of The Legend of the Blue sea definitely attracted attention. The kiss itself seems innocent, but as Jun Ji-hyun is wearing the typical mermaid outfit that consists of a bralette of sorts and a fin, the scene appears rather explicit. This inclusion of the scene is quite important though, as it hints a crucial plot point of the story. This, though, is not the most scandalous of the scenes.


The bed scene included in the thirteenth episode of The Legend of The Blue Sea is certainly the creme de la crop of all the steamy scenes. The scene is not very sexual in nature, but involves kissing and overtly cute acting, as the two are in their honeymoon period. The kissing itself was quite deep, and that triggered the speculations. The body on body action is also considered scandalous compared to other love scenes that have been aired on Korean national television.

Other than the ones above, there were other scenes that depicted the two in a cute manner. These actions included back hugs, passionate stares and a combination of the two. These are not explicit and sexual in any way, but because it is how most couples act in real life, the realness of their acting permeated through. This added fuel to the already existing fire and further supported fan theories of the two.

With the finale filmed and aired, news of the two going on a date, at a secluded restaurant for dinner after, started circulating. This theory was debunked soon after, as it was revealed that the whole cast and crew went to the dinner as a celebration for their successful drama. That did not prevent fans from speculating that the two are indeed lovers and not just co-stars.