Get To Know Lee Kyung-kyu: Entertainer and CEO of a Ramen Company

Problem with Panic Disorder and Other Diseases

Lee Kyung-kyu revealed that he is under treatment for panic disorder when he appeared in KBS2’s Qualifications of Men. As a cast member, he and other members were obliged to take a psychological test. He confessed that for four months he took medicine and underwent treatment for the disorder. Panic disorder can’t be cured by itself without any treatment so he visited a doctor and took prescriptions. He suffered uncontrollable fear, heart fluttering, and chest pain. He consciously pinched his skin just to check whether he was alive or dead. Inside of his bright, cheerful and lively character, Lee Kyung-kyu suffered depression and fear of death.

Close Relation with A Lot of Idols

Sunggyu of the idol group Infinite appeared in MBC’s Insolent Housemates alongside comedian Lee Kyung-kyu on episodes 21-24 and 26-31. Insolent Housemates showed celebrities living together in a house for a short period. In episodes 21-24, aired on February 16th, 2018, Lee Kyung-kyu brought along his dogs for living together with Sunggyu. Sunggyu was surprised upon seeing Lee Kyung-gyu, a senior entertainer, with his dogs, as his future housemate. Sunggyu invited his best friend and introduced him to Lee Kyung-gyu. While eating, Sunggyu confessed to Lee Kyung-gyu about his lack of talent that caused Infinite to struggle during their debut.

In episodes 26-31, Sunggyu invited his yoga instructor to teach them yoga. For a man in his sixties, Lee Kyung-gyu did well while doing yoga poses. They trained face to face as if hugging each other.

In public, on September 11th, 2017, Sunggyu and Lee Kyung-gyu showed their close friendship by walking around the streets of Seoul together. The appeared enjoying themselves and got to know more about each other for their upcoming variety show.

BTS’ Jin and Jungkook appeared as guests on JTBC’s Let’s Eat Together. Host duet, Lee Kyung-gyu and Kang Ho-dong went to the Samseong area, Seoul. Lee Kyung-gyu was visibly happy upon seeing BTS members as guests on his TV program. Lee Kyung-kyu and his partner, Jin found a family who invited them to eat dinner together. His chemistry with Jin was visible, probably because Lee Kyung-kyu’s age was around Jin’s father’s age, or maybe because Jin loved to tell funny jokes. The famous MC loved Jin’s silly jokes and easy-going character.

Lee Kyung-kyu and Kim Hee-chul appeared as main hosts of KBS2TV’s We Like Zines. Heechul was well known for his outspoken character and his talent for hosting TV programs. About Lee Kyung-kyu, he said that at first, a junior should greet him respectably and just a slight nod is acceptable after that, causing other guests to laugh.

In episode 27 of Let’s Eat Dinner Together, Min Kyung-hoon and Heechul appeared as guests of the variety show program. Heechul was partnered with Lee Kyung-gyu, while Min Kyung-hoon was partnered with Kang Ho-dong. Kang Ho-dong and Min Kyung-hoon were initially the first team to be invited for dinner, while Lee-Kyung-kyu’s team failed several times to get a dinner invitation. Lee Kyung-kyu blamed Heechul for their team’s failure and they constantly bickered at each other while looking for another house. Both of them were outspoken characters who bluntly regretted being partnered with each other. Their constant bickering and mocking was very funny to watch. The scene was a demonstration of their close relation. Lee Kyung-kyu and Heechul collaborated in many variety shows as main hosts.


Kang Ho-dong is a junior comedian and MC of Lee Kyung-gyu. The big man said that Lee Kyung-kyu is his influencer and that he has learned many things as an MC and comedian from him. Lee Kyung-gyu and Kang Ho-dong appeared as co-hosts of JTBC’s Let’s Eat Dinner Together from the first episode, in 2016 until the present. Kang Ho-dong always respected Lee-Kyung-gyu as his mentor and senior.

On New Year 2012, at the peak of Kang Ho-dong’s popularity, both Kang Ho-dong and Lee-Kyung-gyu appeared in public together, enjoying a conversation at a coffee shop and sightseeing in the famous Apgujeong street. They wore matching winter jackets and took the time to give an autograph to each fan. From their wide smiles, they seemed to enjoy each other’s company.



  • Super Hong Gil-dong (1988) – cast
  • Samtos and Dori with Braids (1989) – cast
  • Space Warrior, Fireman (1991) – leading actor
  • A Bloody Battle for Revenge (1992) – director, screenwriter, leading actor
  • Aachi & Ssipak (animated, 2006) – voice cast
  • Highway Star (2007) – producer, cameo
  • White Tuft, the Little Beaver (2008) – Korean dubbing
  • Born to Sing (2013) – producer, screenwriter, cameo

Variety Shows

Year Title Network
1984-1992 The March of Youth MBC
1991-1992 ; 2005-2007 Hidden Camera MBC
1999-2005 Propagation Checklist MBC TV
2000-2002 New Nonstop MBC TV
2004 Lee Kyung-kyu’s Good Time SBS
2005 A Pleasant Search for Brains SBS
2005-2006 Comedy Variety Smile Day MBC
2017–Present City Fisherman Channel A
2017–Present The Dynamic Duo (Cooperation 7) tvN
2016–Present Let’s Eat Dinner Together JTBC
2016–2017 My Little Television MBC
2015 Take Care of My Dad SBS
2015–2016 A Look At Myself KBS
2014 Korea’s Hottest Square[16] JTBC
2012–2014 Family’s Dignity: Full House KBS
2011–2015 Healing Camp, Aren’t You Happy SBS
2009–2015 Star Junior Show SBS
2009-2013 Qualifications of Men KBS