Here Are Lee Kwang-soo’s Top 5 Appearances In K-Dramas!

Details About Lee Kwang-soo’s Top 5 Dramas!

Lee Kwang-soo is a 34-year-old actor who started his career by becoming a model. Lee Kwang-soo very famous among Korean fans because of his charisma and his unique personality as a comedian. He has brought a variety show program on various TV channels, and now he’s still a cast member of Running Man, that airs on SBS. The program is watched by people in many countries, not just Koreans! Not only working as a host in the variety show programs, he has also starred in several television dramas!

Related to that, in this article Channel-Korea will share the information about Lee Kwang-soo’s top five appearances in K-dramas! So, stay tuned!


First up is the Korean drama Live. This drama is Kwang-soo’s latest drama, which he did in 2018 along with Jung Yu-mi and Bae sung-woo. The series aired on tvN. The drama tells the story of police officers and their daily life dealing the cases that occur around the society.

In this drama, Lee Kwang-soo acts as Yeom Sang-soo. He’s a man who wants to be a police officer by taking a test through leaflet information about a job vacancy. Before he chose to be a police officer, he had worked in a beverage company, and bought a large amount of the company’s shares.  Unexpectedly, he lost all his money when it was discovered that the company was mostly fiction.

Also in the drama, Lee Kwang-soo is told he loves a woman who also works as a police officer, Han Jung O. Because his character in Running Man has been seen as a funny and humorous person, in every romantic scene between Yeom Sang-soo and Han Jung O, there’s always a disturbance that makes a romance scene turn into a comedy.

The Best Hit

This drama is different from Live. In The Best Hit, which stars the handsome singer from Astro, Cha Eun Woo, Lee Kwang-soo didn’t play a lead role, or even a supporting role.  Instead he makes a cameo appearance.


On The Best Hit, Lee Kwang-soo acts as Yoon Gi, who is the boyfriend of Choi Woo Seung, played by Lee Se Young. In his appearance in The Best Hit, Kwang-soo transforms his look by parting his bangs in the middle, and it made him look really handsome! Despite his only being a cameo, his appearance in this drama really fascinated the audiences!

The drama tells about a popular idol named Yoo Hyun Jae, who is often involved in scandals, but it’s different from Lee Ji-hoon, who’s a singer and songwriter who wants to be an idol like Yoo Hyun Jae.

Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

As with The Best Hit, in this series that starred so many handsom and talented actors, including BTS’s V (Taehyung), Lee Kwang-soo also had a cameo in this drama.

The drama that is a historical drama about a kingdom, and the funniest actor, Lee Kwang-soo, plays as Mak Moon. This character appeared on the first episode, and was an important character. Mak Moon is the older brother of A-Ro, who lives in the small and poor village. Mak Moon befriended Moo Myung, and their friendship brought her sister to his friend and they became close.

Even only being a cameo, his acting looked so professional, and he did his best. So, look at his acting in the drama!

The Sound of Your Heart

Surely, you already know about the drama that adapted from webtoon story! The story line didn’t change anything from the original story in webtoon about Jo Seok, who has a nightmare about becoming a webtoon creator and also who lives in the craziest family with their un-normal behavior. Jo Seok’s life is full of funny things because of the surroundings.

For this series, Lee Kwang-soo become a main role. He successfully helped this drama bring in a lot of viewers, many of whom have hunted for other places to watch it after it stopped airing on Naver TV Cast! Not only that, because of his acting in The Soung of Your Heart, the drama was popular at Tiongkok!

The Sound of Your Heart shows Kwang-soo’s real character, which is a funny person who can make people laugh, so, it’s no wonder this drama also aired on Netflix!


Entourage is the last of Lee Kwang-soo’s top five dramas in this article. The drama is a television series which aired on tvN in 2016, and it’s based on the popular American series, or can called a remake of the popular series on HBO.

Entourage is a drama that highlights the reality behind the showbiz industry, the dilemmas that are faced by people who work in the entertainment world behind of the glitz of the stage. By bringing up the story about an entertainer’s life, this drama is enlivened by many special appearances. Despite that, this drama was widely criticized by the audience. Lee Kwang-soo played as Cha Joon, who is Cha Young Bin, Park Ho Jin, and Geobook’s childhood friend.

Even though this drama was criticized, Lee Kwang-soo and the other cast members still brought one million viewers for the last episode!

Here are Lee Kwang-soo’s photos when he was acting as Cha Joon!

Of all the top five of Kwang-soo’s dramas, it seems he more often starred in dramas of the comedy genre, such as his performance in Running Man. So that’s all about Lee Kwang-soo’s top five appearances in K-dramas, and maybe it can be your drama list recommendations, especially of Kwang-soo’s dramas. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section!