Are You Ready? Here Are 4 Sexy Photos of Lee Kwang-soo’s Abs!


Running Man Cast Member Lee Kwang-soo

Lee Kwang-soo (Hangul: 이광수; born July 14, 1985) is an actor, entertainer, and South Korean model. He made his acting debut in the sitcom Here He Comes (2008). He then received further recognition for his role in the medical melodrama It’s Okay, That’s Love (2014), the film Confession (2014), the black comedy Collective Invention (2015), the drama Puck! (2016), and the sitcom The Sound of Your Heart (2016). Besides acting, Lee is also known as a regular player on Running Man since 2010.

Lee Kwang Soo’s Abs

Although Lee Kwang Soo is known for his funny personality and appearance, his body is actually not bad at all. Here are 4 photos of Lee Kwang Soo’s abs!

  1. In an episode of SBS’s Running Man, Lee Kwang Soo had to face a “water bomb” sentence for losing a race. Lee Kwang Soo chose Kim Jong Kook to receive a joint sentence, but his own sentence was delayed due to the freezing weather.

    After quarreling about how many layers of clothing to wear before being doused with the water, Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo finally faced the challenge while wearing only T-shirts. When they were bombarded with water, Kim Jong Kook’s silhouette and Lee Kwang Soo’s stomach were unexpectedly revealed, attracting people’s attention.


    2. Lee Kwang Soo surprised fans with his hot abs at a Running Man fan meeting. To their surprise, Lee Kwang Soo had hidden his precious, neatly engraved six-pack until he finally revealed his abs. With a model-like body, Lee Kwang Soo almost made fans faint. Did you expect his body?

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    3. In one of Lee Kwang Soo’s dramas, The Sound of Your Heart, there was a scene with Lee Kwang Soo in his bedroom. And, he showed his upper body, including his abs.


    4. In his other drama Dear My Friends, Lee Kwang Soo is sitting in his room and wipes his face with his shirt. When he lifted his shirt up, he showed his abs.