Lee Kwang-soo Got a Special Mission to Find His Fans on ‘Running Man’


Find Out About The Heartwarming Meeting Between Lee Kwang-soo and His Fan Girl

Running Man is one of the funniest and most entertaining variety programs on Sundays. Its episodes are full of laughter and adventure that leave Running Man’s hardcore fanbase wanting for more.

On Episode 165, the show’s cast members were assigned a mission to find a Running Man fan girl. The girl turned out to be Lee Kwang-soo’s fan girl. Could Lee Kwang-soo and the other members complete the mission and fulfill the fan girl’s dream of meeting her favorite celebrity?

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Lee Kwang-soo’s heartwarming meeting with his fan girl. So stay tuned!

About The Episode


Running Man’s episodes are always entertaining and funny to watch on Sundays, and the show has become one of the longest-running programs on SBS’ Good Sunday lineup. On the program, the Running Man cast members and guests are given challenges to complete and win the mission.

Episode 165 was broadcast on September 29, 2013. The episode’s rating ranged from 12.3% to 13.8%. The theme of this particular episode was Find the Fangirl. In this episode, the cast members traveled to Namyang, a small city in Gyeonggi Province, to find one of the cast members’ fangirl.

Mission List

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Early one morning, a fan girl visited SBS headquarters and gave a scrapbook to the Running Man production staff. In the scrapbook, there were pictures of places in Namyang city and clues that would lead to the girl location. Each member must go the places, complete challenges, gather clues and hints, find the fan girl, take a picture with her, and attach the picture at the end of the scrapbook to complete the mission.

For the first mission, each member was sent to different places in Namyang to collect 30 autographs from Namyang citizens. They had to sit behind an autograph-signing booth and Namyang passersby could select any Running Man member to get an autograph for them. If the passerby selected the picture of the member that was stationed at the booth, the member could give one autograph. It was like a popularity race.

At first, each member was confident about getting the autographs, but when they saw the locations of the autograph signing booths, they lost their confidence. The booths were placed in the middle of nowhere in Namyang. Gary’s booth was placed in a gas station, while Lee Kwang-soo’s booth was placed in a junkyard. Song Ji-hyo’s was placed in a health examination center, and Kim Jong-kook’s was placed in a post office. Basically, they were placed at locations with lower chances to meeting Namyang people.

Since there were no people around the booths, the number of autographs that they must collect was reduced to five. After waiting for quite a long time, Lee Kwang-soo moved his booth closer to the convenience store to attract fans, while Ji Seok-jin tried to call to passersby with machine-like voice. Most of the Namyang citizens chose Yoo Jae-suk and Song Ji-hyo. Both of them were the first to complete the mission, and moved on to the second location.

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The second location turned out to be just a plain grass field. They received additional hints in a map that led to a furniture factory. Lee Kwang-soo arrived at the location, which looked very familiar. It turned out that it was his father’s factory. As soon as Lee Kwang-soo said that it was his father’s factory, Yoo Jae-suk realized that he had to find Lee Kwang-soo’s father.

After each member met with Lee Kwang-soo’s father, his father gave them the second mission. The Running Man members had to find the hint in the furniture exhibition hall on the first floor. Running Man’s Ace, Song Ji-hyo, was the first person to get the hint. It was a Running Man scrapbook that was made by a fan girl. All the members had to find the fan girl through the hints in the scrapbook.


On the third mission, each member selected a picture of three places in Namyang. Yoo Jae-suk and Ji Seok-jin both selected the library; Gary and Song Ji-hyo selected a park, while Kim Jong-kook, Haha, and Lee Kwang-soo selected a local office.

Yoo Jae-suk and Ji Seok-jin were given quizzes about a book that they found in the library. Kim Jong-kook, Haha, and Lee Kwang-soo must defeat local officer who was an expert in stapling documents. Song Ji-hyo and Gary had to find a person that was flying a kite with a picture on it.

On the fourth mission, each member head to a climbing place. There were hints placed at low, medium and high points at the climbing wall. Each member could only choose one point. Higher points meant better hints. Gary went for the the highest point and got the best hint. It was a picture of the house that the Running Man fan girl was living at.

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On the last and final mission, all the members had locate the scrapbook that was hidden somewhere inside the school. They must find the fan girl and take pictures with her. In order to complete the mission, the picture had to be placed at the last page of the scrapbook.

Who is Kwang-soo’s Fan Girl?


Kwang-soo’s fan girl was a Wabu middle school student, Ahn Hye-mi. She was a longtime fan of Running Man, especially the giraffe, Lee Kwang-soo. Inside her room, there were many pictures of Lee Kwang-soo and giraffe stuffed dolls.

From her self-made Running Man scrapbook, the production staff developed the episode. Upon finding out that Lee Kwang-soo’s hometown was Namyang, she became interested more in him.

Hye-mi said that she started liking Lee Kwang-soo when she saw him acting in a movie. When Lee Kwang-soo’s face appears, flower petals flew around his face. From that moment on, she became fan of Lee Kwang-soo.

Kwang-soo VS Other Running Man members

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Lee Kwang-soo told his father that Kim Jong-kook bullied him in front of the camera and behind the camera. His revelation made Kim Jong-kook flustered and surprise. He was embarrassed in front of Lee Kwang-soo’s father.

Being the youngest Running Man cast member made Lee Kwang-soo the subject of bullying from older members. Yoo Jae-suk and Kim Jong-kook scolded and made fun of him whenever possible. However, Lee Kwang-soo showed that he had good manners and always respected older members, though he often played and joked around with them, as well.

Kwang-soo Finally Meets His Fan Girl


Though he failed in winning the mission, Lee Kwang-soo finally met his fan girl. He was flustered when he saw his pictures and the stuffed giraffes in her room. Her revelation of the reason why she liked Lee Kwang-soo made him get shy and embarrassed. Lee Kwang-soo was the first member to find her in the classroom. He remembered her face when visiting her room.

Before ending the shooting, Lee Kwang-soo gave her a tight and warm hug. She also hugged him tightly. It seemed that Lee Kwang-soo and his fan had good chemistry. To his fan girl, Lee Kwang-soo asked her to keep liking him forever. All the cast members, the fan girl, and her classmates took pictures together as proof of their good memories

Random Facts

  • Namyang city is Lee Kwang-soo’s hometown
  • Lee Kwang-soo’s father appears on the program and gave hints to the cast members
  • Lee Kwang-soo said that he worked part time in his father’s company when he was teenager.
  • Lee Kwang-soo’s father is the owner of furniture company
  • Namyang citizens preferred Song Ji-hyo rather than Lee Kwang-soo.
  • Amongst Running Man members, Song Ji-hyo and Yoo Jae-suk are the most popular members, while Ji Seok-Jin and Haha are the least popular members.
  • Episode 165 was the first individual winning episode for Ji Seok-jin
  • Kim Jong-kook misunderstood his hint and went in the wrong direction
  • Kim Jong-kook didn’t do well in climbing.
  • Haha was surprised when he wasn’t selected in the first three picks to get signatures.

Latest News


The latest Running Man episode was based on things that every member wanted to give as presents or things that every member wanted to throw away. Yoo Jae-suk wanted to give memorabilia from Yoo San-seul, his character as a Trot Singer. The episode was aired on February 9th, 2020.

That was all the information about Lee Kwang-soo’s special mission to find his Running Man fan girl. Don’t forget to leave your comments and share your opinions in the comment section below.