Lee Kwang-soo: Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend, Dating Rumors


Who Is Lee Kwang-soo’s Girlfriend?

We all know that Lee Kwang-soo from Running Man likes to flirt with the ladies and that he has another level of humor that can make anyone crack up. Many of his fans are curious about whether he’s ever going to have a relationship with someone special since he really likes to tease anyone and he must have dated in the past.

In December 2018, Lee Kwang-soo confirmed the dating rumors of him and Lee Sun-bin. The two of them are still dating now. Besides dating Lee Sun-bin, Lee Kwang-soo also has dated a girl when he was in elementary school. Before confirming to date Lee Sun-bin, Lee Kwang-soo has several unconfirmed dating rumors with some actresses such as Lee Sung-kyung, SNSD’s Yuri, and more.

Let’s talk more details about Lee Kwang-soo’s love life, his girlfriend, his ex-girlfriend, and his dating rumors. Make sure to find out more by scrolling down below!

Lee Kwang-soo’s Girlfriend Is Lee Sun-bin


Lee Kwang-soo was confirmed to be dating a model named Lee Sun-bin. The female star who also works as an actress once appeared on Running Man episode in September 2016 and both of them become a couple to do a mission.

King Kong Starship as Lee Kwang-soo’s agency released a quick official statement after their dating rumor has been surfaced by saying, “The news about their dating rumor is true. Lee Kwang-soo and model Lee Sun-bin have been dating for 5 months. Both of them knew each other after filming ‘Running Man’ and ended up being a couple in real life.”


Lee Sun-bin (이선빈) was born in Cheonan, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea on January 7, 1994. Lee Sun-bin was originally planned to be debut as a member of girl group and she become a model after the group has disbanded. Later on, Lee Sun-bin was known for starring in many television dramas as a supporting or lead actress.

Lee Sun-bin is younger than Lee Kwang-soo and they both separated for 9 years in age gap. It wasn’t made them afraid to confess their feelings and become an official couple. During the episode of Running Man, Lee Sun-bin is the one who expressed her interest to Lee Kwang-soo and mentioned that both of them will be suited well with each other.


However, Lee Kwang-soo started to react overwhelming with Lee Sun-bin sudden confession and said, “I’ve decided to dating Lee Sun-bin. We will announce our marriage next week.”

2 years while get to knoweach other better, it’s the time for them to make their friendship goes into another level as they eventually become a romantic couple. 5 months before they are confirmed to be dating, it means that they’re both become a couple around July 2018.


The dating news of Lee Kwang-soo and Lee Sun-bin successfully made into the hottest topic at the end of 2018. No one knows about their dating rumor and never expected the prediction of Lee Kwang-soo pick-up lines on Lee Sun-bin will come true. People mostly knew it was only a Lee Kwang-soo’s habit for always flirting with many female celebrities as they paired into a team on Running Man.

Even before the official statement about their relationship has been released, Lee Kwang-soo has already introduced Lee Sun-bin as his girlfriend in front of their close friends and showed their affection with each other openly everytime they’re going to a gathering or meals event.

Their relationship has been caught attention by public and many fans are leaving comments on the article about their dating news has been released via TV Report, Nate, and Sports Donga :

[+5247, -110] Wow ㅠㅠㅠ Congratulations ㅠㅠ Gorgeous couple

[+2694, -65] Kwangsoo is pretty popular but seeing his relationship revealed early on, the January 1 couple must be super daebak. TV Report and Dispatch are related pressesㅋㅋ

[+274, -1] Wow, he had a girlfriend and yet people were shipping him with Jun Somin at entertainment awards…

[+174, -5] Kwangsoo is a man. After getting shipped with Jun Somin at entertainment awards, he felt sorry for his girlfriend and decided to publicize his relationship.

[+38, -2] Lee Kwangsoo won’t be able to hit on female guests on Running Man anymore ㅋㅋ

Lee kwang-soo’s Ex-Girlfriend Is His First Love From Elementary School


In one of  Running Man‘s episodes that aired in 2016, Lee Kwang-soo was reunited with his first love when he was still in elementary school. They had the opportunity to meet her again as an adult.

Lee Kwang-soo said that he liked her very much, and his feelings for her were undeniable. He is also stated that he tried to look strong and manly in front of his past lover while he was playing a soccer match, even though he was bleeding after getting bitten by a vicious dog.

His statement of having a first love during elementary school made the viewers, and even the other members from  the Running Man cast, tease him by saying that he [Lee Kwang-soo] was cheesy even when he was in elementary school.


Before meeting his first love, Lee Kwang-soo called her for the first time. From the telephone conversation, viewers learned that Kwang-soo’s nickname was King Kong. And when Yoo Jae-suk asked about what kind of friend Lee Kwang-soo was, she answered, ‘Ugly’, and everyone laughed at Kwang-soo.


Lee Kwang-soo felt tense before meeting with his first love again. When they did meet, both their faces were flushed. Kwang-soo welcomed her by rubbing her head as the other Running Man members taught him, but his first love dodged. She said that she doesn’t like skinship. They began to talk about shared memories from their past. The last time they saw each other was in second grade.


Song Hye-jin, the lucky girl who was Lee Kwang-soo’s first love, finally reunited with him for the first time in 25 years. She said that Lee Kwang-soo was a quiet kid when they were in elementary school, and she used to fight the other students who liked to bully him.

When she was asked about what kind of person Lee Kwang-soo was when he was a child,  she answered that Kwang-soo was quiet and caring. When asked if she already had a boyfriend, she replied that she was already married.

Lee Kwang-soo’s Ideal Girl Based On His First Love

When asked about what kind of woman is suitable to be Kwang-soo’s girlfriend, Lee Kwang-soo’s first love answered with: a woman who respects Kwang Soo’s parents.

Lee Kwang-soo’s Dating Rumors

lee kwang soo running man

Lee Kwang-soo has a goofy and funny personality among Running Man‘s cast members. He never misses an opportunity to get closer with female guests that have appeared in each episode, and likes to show his flirty side, making them blush with his pick-up lines.

The celebrities he’s been paired with on the show mostly haven’t been linked with him as possible dates, but there are others who have a high potential as Lee Kwang-soo’s girlfriend. Check out the list below!

Lee Kwang-soo and Girls’ Generation Yuri


One of the times that SNSD, or Girls’ Generation, appeared on Running Man as guests, fans noticed some chemistry between Lee Kwang-soo and Yuri. In one of episode of Running Man, Yuri ended up with being a team with Lee Kwang-soo instead of Yoo Jae-suk.


Yuri was disappointed at first when she didn’t team up with Yoo Jae-suk, but during the game show, fans started to cheer on Yuri and Lee Kwang-soo, after they expressed their excitement while holding hands.

Lee Kwang-soo and Chinese Actress Lynn Hung


Lee Kwang-soo was once spotted dating the Chinese actress, Lynn Hung, in May, 2015. Lynn Hung was born in Nanjing, China on October 10, 1981, and is known for her role in the Chinese drama IP Man 3 , which aired in 2015.


Lee Kwang-soo and Lynn Hung were thought to be seeing each other as part of the Chinese dating show If You Love – Season 2 at Nami Island in Gangwon-do Province. At first, there was no official statement about whom Lynn Hung would be paired for the show, but apparently fans discovered that Lee Kwang-soo was filming for something, and they assumed that he was being paired with Lynn Hung, and it was filmed for the Chinese dating show with him.

Lee Kwang-soo and Lee Sung-kyung


The model-turned-actress, Lee Sung-kyung, met Lee Kwang-soo in the drama It’s Okay, That’s Love, which aired in 2014. After their appearance together, fans caught the chemistry between the two, and thought they were dating in real life.


Lee Kwang-soo once got teased by Running Man members after filming for the drama ended, because he did the kissing scene with Nam Joo-hyuk’s ex-girlfriend.

Lee Kwang-soo and Ex-After School’s Uee


Lee Kwang-soo is known as a flirt king  when female guests appear on Running Man. He’s an enthusiast member of the cast, who takes it on himself to cheer up the female celebrities who come on the show. Once, ex-After School’s Uee came on the show as a Running Man guest, and Lee Kwang-soo couldn’t hide his excitement during the filming. Uee showed her interest, too, for the man who played in the drama Entourage with Seo Kang-joon.


Uee showed her affection for Lee Kwang-soo, saying that he’s getting more handsome and popular.  She also appeared on the set bringing Lee Kwang-soo a coffee. They seemed embarrassed to look romantic in the scene, but their chemistry caught many people’s attention, and they were doing a lot of skinship in every scene.