The Cute Couple on ‘Running Man’ are Dating! Find Out Details About Lee Kwang-soo and Lee Sun-bin’s Relationship

Netizens & Running Man Members’ Reactions After Lee Kwang-Soo and Lee Sun-Bin’s Relationship Was Revealed!


This is the first open relationship for both Lee Kwang-Soo and Lee Sun-Bin who debuted 11 years and 4 years ago, respectively. Since they admitted their relationship status to the public, Lee Kwang-Soo and Lee Sun-Bin keep on getting positive feedback from fans. They have been congratulating the new couple and wishing them happiness.

On the January 13th episode of Running Man, a mock press conference was held for Lee Kwang-Soo regarding his relationship with Lee Sun-Bin. Though the ‘official’ questioning ended there, the members never ceased teasing him throughout the entire broadcast. Jun So-Min then shared that she helped connect the couple, revealing that she is the one who got them each other’s phone numbers, to which HaHa commented, “Jun So-Min and Lee Kwang-Soo were perfectly a business couple.” Yoo Jae-Suk also had a cute nickname for the couple, Ri-Ri (Lee-Lee) Couple. When asked why he chose that name, he exclaimed, “Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin! In love~ Forever~ [Saranghari~ Yeongwonhari~].”