The Truth About Lee Ki-woo and Lee Chung-ah’s Relationship

What’s The Latest News Of Lee Ki-woo and Lee Chung-ah’s Love Story?

The Lee Couple Attended 2014 S/S Seoul Fashion Week

Lee Ki-woo and Lee Chung-ah are really confident after announcing to the public about them dating and are really showing off their looks as a stylish couple. They were attending ‘The Studio K’ show for the 2014 S/S collection on Seoul Fashion Week, held by Korean Designer Hong Hye-jin in October 2013, at the IFC Mall and Seoul Yeuido Park for 6 days, sponsored by Seoul City and directed by INNOCEAN World Wide. The fashion show was for a business event that came from a global fashion show which displayed a lot of collections and also fashion pieces that have been made by the top designers and Korean rookies in the entertainment industry.

Lee Ki-woo and Lee Chung-ah sat next to each other and showed they’re lovey-dovey as a couple when the fashion show started. They seemed to enjoy the fashion show as well, while the models displayed clothing on the runway, wearing the top & high fashion style.

Actor Lee Ki-woo Wants His Girlfriend To Be His On-Screen Partner

In December 2013, Lee Ki-woo appeared in an interview with Section TV Entertainment Relay and was asked if there is someone who he would be likely to choose to be his partner in movies or dramas. The actor who starred in the drama Woman of Dignity (2017) picked actress Lee Chung-ah, which is his girlfriend, to be his co-worker on the same project. The Lee couple has known each other since 2011, back when they were starring in the same drama and ended up dating each other in real life.

The actor, Lee Ki-woo, also stated that he can only think about Lee Chung-ah when he was asked this question, which made his statement turn cheesier and somewhat cute by then adding the reason being that his love for her is endless. When the interviewer asked him whether he has another person in his mind who he would want to be chosen as his co-worker, the actor who starred in drama A Love To Kill (2005) answered that he would like to work with actress Jun Ji-hyun, the actress who became popular after her role in the drama My Love from the Star (2013). Lee Ki-woo revealed in a humorous way why he would choose Jun Ji-hyun, namely because he wants to make her the rival in the drama and see which one will dominate when the drama airs.

The Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’s Couple Shared Their Special Moment for ELLE Korea

The couple, who met by destiny on the drama Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and confirmed their relationship in 2013, have appeared as models in a magazine in February 2015. The actor and actress were featured in the luxury pictorial of the most famous skincare brand La Mer in the ELLE Korea March edition.

The actor and actress who have the same family name, Lee, were chosen to be the new faces of La Mer’s upcoming global digital campaign, which is scheduled to launch their newest product called the ‘illuminating eye gel,’ by filming a creative video for the campaign, located in different places in the world such as Seoul, Paris, and New York.

Meanwhile, their beautiful moments have been captured in Seoul’s most visited places by tourists, such as Cheonggyecheon stream, Namsan Tower, and the popular shopping street Garosu-Gil as they have been chosen as Seoul’s official couple.

The staff who took the photos of the Lee couple’s special moments revealed that both of them are still awkward when posing in front of the camera. They turned even more humble and showed their affection to each other as they looked into each other’s eyes romantically and the result came out so natural.

“Her eyes are full of the spectrum of emotions and I can say that I always lose, every time I make an eye contact with her. You can say that I can’t refuse her when she asks me to do something, I would definitely say yes.” – Lee Ki-woo

That was all for the information about actor Lee Ki-woo and actress Lee Chung-ah who met each other in the drama that made their relationship come true in real life! Well, let us hope only for the best of Lee Ki-woo and Lee Chung-ah’s relationship!