Lee Ki-seop – Former U-KISS Member Got Married To Model and Actress Jung Yoo-na

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Recently, Lee Ki-seop shared some beautiful wedding photos. Ki-seop personally announced his upcoming marriage to Jung Yuna. The couple tied the knot in Seoul on August 24th, 2019. He wrote on Instagram,

“Hello, this is Ki-seop.

I’m writing this letter because I have something to announce to you all. You might feel surprised, but I’m writing this letter because I was able to meet the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

She’s someone who is incredibly precious in my life. From now on, I want to be responsible for her happiness, for her who has constantly looked at just me for a long time. Therefore, I promised to marry her so that I can walk towards beautiful days with her. Just as I vowed to look towards the same place, I’ll become more humble and responsible.

Thank you [fans] for always loving and believing in me. I will never forget it, and I’ll live happily. I’ll return [fans’ love] with new challenges and a good image in the future. I’d appreciate it if you’d give us lots of blessings and support for the beautiful days that we will have together.

From, Ki-seop.”