Get Closer to CN Blue’s Member Lee Jung-shin (Profile, Facts, Confession, Movies, and Drama List)

lee jung shin

Lee Jung-shin is known as one of Korea’s famous K-pop singers as a member from the band CNBLUE. In September 2009, Lee Jung Shin joined CN BLUE to replace Kwon Kwang-jin who was the previous bassist that left the band not much longer after debuting. During his career, he became a multi-talented artist by becoming a rapper, actor, and also a backup vocalist of CNBLUE.

In his early life, he had lived in Ilsan with his parents and older brother. Lee Jung-shin finished his education from Jung Bal High School and after graduating, entered in Kyung Hee Cyber University. Now let’s take a look at this hotty-star’s profile!

Name: Lee Jung Shin

Date of Birth: September 15, 1991

Place of Birth: Ilsan

Age: 27

Zodiac: Virgo

Profession: bassist, rapper, singer, actor

Agency: FNC Entertainment

Height: 1.87 m

Weight: 63 kg

Hair color: brown (currently)

Blood Type: A

Education: Jong Bal High School, Kyung Hee Cyber University

Hobbies: Sleeping, listening to music

Lee Jung Shin’s Facts

  • He is the youngest yet tallest member of CN BLUE and also the tallest member in his family
  • When he was still in high school, he was often being underestimated by his friends because of his small body, but apparently his height has grown caught up to him quite quickly
  • He entered military service in July 2018
  • He MCed as a host in Mnet Music Countdown in 2015 and 2016
jung shin
  • Lee Jung-shin joined CN BLUE to replace the former bassist, Kwon Kwang-jin
  • He appeared in a few variety shows like ‘Shaolin Clenched First’ and ‘Fashion King Korea’ as main guest
  • He has fan club name Untouchable Godness
  • Started dating when he was in 2nd grade of high school
  • After being cast in the drama Seoyoung, My Daughter he was nominated for many awards in different categories due to his exceptional acting
  • In 2014, he held his first fan meeting and fan signing
  • He won his first award in Best New Actors in the Asia Artist Awards in 2016
  • He adores the number 9 and made it his lucky number
  • He practices his guitar riffs routinely
  • He is very picky about choosing a girlfriend and has a high standards for someone that would become his woman
  • Yonghwa said that Jungshin likes a girl with pretty smile, beautiful hair, feminist style, and pretty eyes. According to that, netizens thought that Park Bo-young must be his ideal type. Do you think so?
park boyoung
  • Jung Shin has big eyes that can not close perfectly while he’s asleep
  • Jung Shin feels most handsome while he’s on stage, playing his bass
  • He wrote two CNBLUE’s songs. One of them titled “Daisy” placed in Colors Album, and the other one called “Control” which was released in their 2gether album
  • Since 2012, he was cast in a drama in every single following year
  • In 2015, finally Jung Shin played his first drama as a lead role
  • After My Husband Got a Family, once again he appeared as a cameo in drama named A Girl Who Sees Smell
  • His dramas mostly airs on SBS TV channel
  • Because of his appearance in The Blade and Petal and Temptation, Jung Shin won an award for Best New Rising Star during the ceremonies for the 3rd DramaFever awards
  • He usually talks about work, songwriting, or his love life with Yonghwa
  • He was one of the CN BLUE’s members who’s didn’t encourage Yonghwa to date SNSD’s Seohyun during ‘We Got Married’ era
  • He’s good at playing bass and guitar but was triggered to learn piano
  • He wished to spend some quality time during holidays with his parents in Ilsan
  • He’s not a fan of rainy or windy weather because he hates to hold an umbrella
  • He began getting interested in music since grade five of elementary school
  • He appeared in 4Minute’s music video called “Heart to Heart” as a talent
  • He wants to have a pet and especially fancies Siberian Husky dogs
  • He never thought that he would become an Musician because when he was kid, he dreamed to be a businessman or police officer
  • When he was a kid, he liked to sleepover at his friend’s house
  • He likes to watch TV, listen to Hip-Hop music, eating a delicious snack, or doing online shopping for his free time
  • He is a big fan of Maroon 5 and Hoobastank
  • He had an interest in modeling and became a main model for Seoul Fashion Week 2009
Lee jung shin
  • While hosting the Mnet Music Award, he also promoted his new drama, Cinderella and Four Knights.
  • Compared to other members, he’s the most unlikely to have a dating rumor