Check Out Lee Jung Jae’s Net Worth, Property, and Assets!

lee jung jae net worth

Let’s Find Out About Lee Jung-jae’s Net Worth, Here!

Everybody knows who Lee Jung-jae is. He’s a senior actor known for his role in An Affair, New World, and many more. Moreover, in 2020, he managed to gain international popularity through the Netflix series Squid Game and he got more job offers. Then, how much is his total wealth currently?

In this article, Channel-Korea will inform you about how much Lee Jung-jae’s net worth and assets are. So, keep on reading this article!

Actor Lee Jung-jae’s Total Net Worth: $5 Million

lee jung jae net worth 2022

This actor who was born in 1972 managed to become one of the highest-paid actors with a remarkable net worth. This actor has a total net worth of $5 million, which is a result of his ever-improving acting talent and professionality. Lee Jung-jae earned a lot of money after starring in the Netflix hit series Squid Game playing the main character.

Lee Jung-jae Salary After Squid Game

lee jung jae net worth 2022

In Squid Game, this actor played the role of Gi-hun who is the series’ main character. When we hear about the main cast, surely we think that the actor got the highest pay. However, this is not the case with this Squid Game actor. The series went international because of the storyline and the actors, but Lee Jung-jae only earned $2.28 million which is estimated as a quite low income for a leading actor in a series, especially one so successful. Apart from his role in the series, Lee Jung-jae is currently reportedly paid 300 million won per episode.

Actor Lee Jung-jae’s Properties and Assets

lee jung jae property assets

The actor’s net worth is not only based on the income he makes from his roles, but also includes all the assets and properties he owns, such as houses and businesses. Lee Jung-jae has his own business agency named Artist Company which has given birth to many superstars, such as Park Soo Dam, Yoon Jung-ah, and more. Here are the properties and assets that he has!

Lee Jung-jae Shows His Porsche

lee jung jae luxury porsche

Being an actor with the highest pay, certainly makes Lee Jug-jae want to buy something expensive, for example, transportation. Lee Jung-jae was known to show off his new car through his personal Instagram (@from_jjlee). This senior actor has already spent his money buying a classic-style Porsche 911.

lee jung jae luxury porsche

This car has become rare and very valuable lately. Moreover, the price is around $101,200. Not only Porsche 911, but Lee Jung-jae is also actually a car collector, he has an Audi Q7 and more.

The Luxury Apartment of Lee Jung-jae

lee jung jae apartment luxury

Besides the Porsche 911, Lee Jung-jae reportedly has a luxury apartment. He and his friend Jung Woo reportedly invested in a luxury apartment in Gangnam, South Korea. The apartment location is near the Hangkang river and in an elite area.

Not only an apartment, but Lee Jae-jung also tried to build his culinary business by setting up a restaurant named IL MARE Cafe & Pasta.

Lee Jung-jae’s Endorsements

Lee jung jae gucci brand

Lee Jung-jae’s acting skills can’t be doubted. After Squid Game, he immediately got many job offers and endorsements. In November 2021, his agency (Artist Company) announced that he was appointed to be the brand ambassador of an Italian fashion brand along with Shin Min-ah, namely Gucci. Surely, his modeling skills have been developing since before he debuted as an actor.

So, that’s all the information regarding Lee Jung-jae’s net worth and the properties and assents he has. Thank you for reading this article, and don’t forget to kindly put your thoughts about him in the comment section below. Also, please follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial and share this article with your friends!