Lee Jun-ki’s Latest News: Drama, Girlfriend, and News Update

Recent Love Story of Lee Jun-ki


Lee Jun-ki’s recent relationship was with Jeon Hye-bin (born on September 27, 1983), a South Korean actress, singer, and model. Hints about a relationship between them have been around since 2015, when they appeared in public wearing the same necklace, and were spotted hanging out together several times, and acting like a couple.

After denying the relationship three different times, on April 4, 2017, their agency finally confirmed that they had been dating since the previous year. Namoo Actors said, “Lee Jun-ki and Jeon Hye-bin met as colleagues through a drama in 2014, and when the first dating rumor report was released, they were good friends at the time. However, the two progressed into a dating relationship sometime during the beginning of 2016.” It was proven that people had already been speculating about their closeness since they became co-stars in the 2014 drama Gunman in Joseon. 


Unfortunately, on August 25, 2017 shortly after the happy announcement, their agency again spoke out, and confirmed that they had broken up. According to an inside source, their break up was caused by their busy schedules, which didn’t leave them any time to spend together. The source also said that they were still good friends, and continue to support each other as colleagues. Some netizens speculated that their breakup might be because of Lee Jun-ki’s possessive fans, who were bashing Jeon Hye-bin after the announcement of their relationship, so the breakup issue was just a cover for the real relationship between them, to protect Jeon Hye-bin from bullying.

Currently, Lee Jun-ki is still a single man, because there’s no confirmed or evidenced dating issues since then.

More News Updates

Got Blacklisted By South Korea’s Ex-President


Reported by KoreaBoo, South Korea’s Ex-President, Lee Myung-bak, made a blacklist of whoever had a different opinion than he did, and one of the people on the list was Lee Jun-ki. His fans assumed that it was because of his role in May 18, as one of the rebels in Gwangju, or because of Lee Jun-ki’s statement of meat import policy from the United States.

Fans worried about his safety and future career. Responding to his fans’s worries, he wrote in his Twitter account to calm his fans, “JG is alright. Thank you, fans. I’m touched with your supports.”

Pranked By His Co-star, Choi Min-soo


During the press conference for tvN’s upcoming drama Lawless Lawyer that was held on May 8, Lee Jun-ki revealed that during the filming process, he got pranked by Choi Min-soo. He said, “Choi Min-soo sunbaenim was fighting with a staff member. I arrived about 10 minutes late, and he was like,’ Where is Lee Jun-ki?’ I thought I was going to get beat up.” At the end, he realized the hidden camera prank, and everyone burst into laughter.

Choi Min-soo might have just wanted to reduce the tension because everyone was working very hard, especially Lee Jun-ki. He said, Everyone’s having a difficult time. Jun-ki prepared very thoroughly, but also harshly. He didn’t eat or sleep.” 

Some Martial Arts After his Hectic Shooting Schedule


Recently, Lee Jun-ki participated in photoshoot and interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine for the August issue. One of the topics of the interview was what he was doing after his drama, Lawless Lawyer, ended. He said that he had been resting at home, and only went out if he wanted to exercise.

He said that he was addicted to jiu-jitsu and the other martial arts, he said “I’ve also learned Taekwondo and Muay Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu is the latest martial art I’m learning, and it’s so charming. I feel like it helps train both my body and mind.”

No wonder Lee Jun-ki is always in such good shape, if he always maintains it like that.