Lee Jun-ki’s Latest News: Drama, Girlfriend, and News Update


The 4th Prince Wang-so Nowadays

Whoever’s watched the Korean historical romance Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo definitely can’t move on from the fearsome yet romantic and kind Prince Wang-so. The man behind the “Wolf Dog” Prince Wang-so is no less great than the character he played. His name is Lee Jun-ki (born on April 17 1982), and is a South Korean actor, singer, and model with skills no one can doubt.

Lee Jun-ki’s path to rising in the Korean entertainment industry was from the ground up; he started everything at zero. He started his entertainment career as a model in 2001. He later got the chance to take the main role in the movie The King and The Clown, as the effeminate and beautiful clown, Gong-gil. After that role, he becomes the South Korea’s icon of a “pretty boy” or “flower boy” because of his feminine appearance. Since then, he’s been trying to eliminate that image. That his hard work has paid off is proven by seeing his latest appearances in various movies and dramas.


And now, what’s Lee Jun-ki been up to recently? Keep reding to learn about Lee Jun-ki’s recent news and activities !

Latest Dramas and Movies

Lawless Lawyer (TV Series)


In an action role, Lee Jun-ki starred on tvN’s Lawless Lawyer, a thriller TV series, alongside with Seo Yeo-ji, Lee Hye-young, and Choi Min-soo. This drama had 16 episodes, which aired from May 12 through July 1, 2018. Lee Jun-ki took the main role as the former gangster, Bong Sang-pil, who became a lawyer in order to avenge his mother. He became an excellent lawyer who always takes advantage of any loopholes in the law to fight against those with absolute power.

This drama is about fighting, murder, slander, and, of course, revenge, but it has a few romantic scenes added as the extra seasoning. The plot twist made this drama even more exciting.

Unfortunately, Lee Jun-ki appeared skinnier than in his previous action role, in tvN’s television series Criminal Minds. Many fans worried about Lee Jun-ki’s health, or wondered if it was just a requirement for his role in this drama.

Secret Queen Makers (Web Series)


Previously Lee Jun-ki starred in the Lotte Duty Free campaign web series 7 First Kisses, and now he’s involved in a second web series, called Secret Queen Makers. This web series is about a nerdy female travel agent who lacks confidence because she thinks that everyone is prettier than her. One day, she accompanies some tourists into Lotte Departement Store and has a ‘life-changing’ moment, which is supported by six handsome men.

Besides Lee Jun-ki, this short web series, which only has 7 episodes, is filled with the other handsome ‘oppas’, especially idols. They include 2PM’s Chansung, Super Junior’s Leetuk, Hwang Chi-yeol, EXO’s Chanyeol, and EXO’s Sehun. Go Won-hee, as the female lead, must be lucky to be surrounded by these ‘oppas!

Resident Evil (Movie)


As he already had some popularity overseas, Lee Jun-ki started his debut starring in an overseas movie in the Korean-Japanese movie Virgin Snow, in 2007, with the Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki, in which he plays a Korean exchange student.

His biggest achievement was when he made his Hollywood debut in the hit movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, with the famous Hollywood actress, Milla Jovovich, and other big Hollywood names. In this horror-thriller-action movie filled with zombies, Lee Jun-ki plays the important antagonist role as the Umbrella Corporation’s security chief, Commander Chu, who had to defeat Alice (Milla Jovovich) and her team as they want to frustrate the Umbrella’s mission for spreading an airborne anti-virus.


Lee Jun-ki had 3 days of training with the martial arts choreography. He was happy and excited because his ideas for the epic fight scene between him and Milla Jovovich were accepted well. The actress said that Lee Jun-ki is an amazing actor, and he did all the fighting scenes all by himself, without wires for help. She said in an interview, “Everything he does himself, with no wire. He is that good.” The director also said that the fight scene is so amazing, he praised “The fight scene between LJG and Milla is just fantastic, very energized, very brutal, it’s a very cool scene.” 

The movie premiered in early January of 2017, and is the most recent movie Lee Jun-ki has done. If you already saw this movie, you’ll have a hard time believing that Lee Jun-ki was previously called the ‘flower boy’.