Let’s Find Out More About Actor Lee Jun-ki’s Instagram Feed and His Most Recent Updates!

Boyfriend Material Pictures

Lee Jun Ki is known to an actor that has a great body proportion. His daily fashion style is also up to date, which makes him a boyfriend material actor. We will show you some pictures of Lee Jun Ki, where he radiates the ‘Boyfriend Material’ thing. Get ready to be attacked by his charms!

There are some of his latest Instagram updates, during the Christmas Eve in 2019. With a big red scarf and antler headband, Lee Jun KI shows his soft side to the public, which makes him like a boyfriend that sends a picture to his lover during the Christmas celebration.




The picture makes us feel like we are his lover, don’t you agree?

And here are some videos that are very ‘boyfriend material’, as well, check it out below:


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Concert & Rehearsal

Not only known as an actor, but Lee Jun Gi can also sing and dance very well. He’s done several solo concert tours around Korea and other parts of Asia.

Here are his pictures during the rehearsal and concert, below:


This is a photo that was taken during the break before the other performance started.



Here is a video where Lee Jun Ki is doing his concert rehearsal, also some moments during his concert. Let’s check it out below!

This is when his solo concert called ‘Delight’ was being held, check it out and remember! Don’t get jealous, especially for all Lee Jun Ki fans.

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For ever Us ❤

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This is where Lee Jun Ki was having dance choreography practice, along with his backup dancers.


A stage rehearsal before the concert started. Even when he wears a mask, Lee Jun Ki still looks attractive, doesn’t he?


We can see how hard Lee Jun Ki was preparing and practicing for his solo concert, it shows how dedicated and hardworking he truly is. He also looks so happy during the concert, and very excited to meet his fans.

A Pet Lover Artist

Lee Jun Ki has two pets, cute little dogs who are black and white. Sometimes, he uploads their pictures on his personal Instagram. Let’s take a look at his two cute little buddies, get ready to bust a lot of UWU!

Lee Jun Ki takes them along with him, guess all of them are enjoying some long holiday together, don’t you think?


Lee Jun Ki and his two buddies with some other Chihuahua dogs, this photo below remind us of a father with his kids, which makes it so adorable.


Lee Jun Ki with his two little babies, taking a photo while both of them are in a cute white duck floaty. Does Jun Ki try to teach his little dogs how to swim?


And that was all for today’s article, we hope it helps you to know about some of Lee Jun Ki’s photos and videos on his personal Instagram account. Don’t forget to follow him so you will get his latest daily life updates! Always support Lee Jun Ki activities, alright!

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