Here’s a Compilation of Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji’s Undeniable Chemistry in ‘Lawless Lawyer’

Seo Ye Ji as Ha Jae Yi

She was a lawyer with integrity who ended up getting demoted after attacking a judge. Raised by her father after the disappearance of her beloved mother, before returning to Gi Sung, Ha Jae Yi chose Moon Sook as a role model. But after learning the truth, she becomes relentless in pursuing justice for her mother and Bong Sang Pil.

Seo Ye Ji describes Ha Jae Yi as being unable to hold in her anger, she doesn’t back down when she is on the side of right. As a strong and independent woman, Ha Jae Yi is an equal partner with Bong Sang Pil and protects the one that she loves. She was also loyal to him even when others, such as her father, opposed the relationship between Ha Jae Yi and Bong Sang Pil.

Here are the official posters for Lawless Lawyers:


Romantic Moments and Kissing Scene

Even thought the drama was more about the law and action, there were still a lot of romantic scenes between Bong Sang Pil and Ha Jae Yi. Let’s take a look at some of the romantic scenes between them.

Get ready, and don’t get jealous, guys~!

Lee Joon Gi and Seo Ye Ji Heating Up the Romantic Atmosphere in Lawless Lawyers

The drama released still cuts of Bong Sang Pil and Ha Jae Yi enjoying a date on the beach together. The image shows Lee Joon Gi holding her hands while Seo Yeji looks back at him fondly. The other photo was shown Lee Joon Gi giving her a warm back hug. Here are the photos.

Here are more pictures showing the intensity between them, where Ha Jae Yi is comforting Bong Sang Pil, and at the end he gives her a warm, tight hug.

It’s not over yet, here are more romantic moments that Lee Joon Gi and Seo Ye Ji show during the drama.