Take a Closer Look at Lee Joon’s Toned Abs to Make Your Day Hotter!


Let’s Check Out Lee Joon’s Perfect Body

Lee Chang-seon, who’s better known by his stage name Lee Joon (Hangul: 이준), was born on February 7, 1988. He is a South Korean actor and former singer. He is best known as a former member of the South Korean boy-band MBLAQ.  Lee Joon, who was trained under Rain and J. Tune Entertainment, has been signed to Prain TPC since early 2015.

Lee Joon was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, and has one older sister. He got a scholarship to Seoul Arts High School after winning second place in a dance competition. He later majored in modern dance at the Korea National University of Arts and attended Kyung Hee Cyber University.

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Lee Joon’s Glorious Abs

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Lee Joon’s Workout Routine

Having abs like that means exercising, and former MBLAQ member Lee Joon loves his work out routine. In Happy Day, aired on MBC on January 22nd, there was a segment that showed Lee Joon working out at a gym.  In several events and stage performances,  the performer has shown off his body, especially his abs. If you can recall, a few weeks ago he showed off his bac,k and his abs a few months before that.

Ex MBLAQ’s Lee Joon stated that CrossFit as the key to his body.

Lee Joon has been asked questions about how he sculpts his body and abs and he answered, “Since 2012 started, I didn’t lift even 1 kg of weights.” on the April 24 feature aired on SBS TV’s Strong Heart.

Lee Joon’s Latest News


Lee Joon enlisted in the military on October 24, 2017, at a training camp in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province. Before his departure, he decided to give solo performances as a farewell to his fans. At the time, he released and sang What I Wanna Give, a ballad that underscores Lee Joon’s melodious and soft vocals along with a piano instrumental. The song’s lyrics were written by Thunder, who was in MBLAQ with Lee Joon before both of them announced their departure from the group in 2014. What I Wanna Give became Lee Joon’s first solo release since debut, and the lyric showed his love and appreciation to his fans.

His representative from Prain TPC released a short statement from the performer, “Thank you to everyone who has supported me. I promise to stay healthy and diligently carry out my responsibilities.” Lee Joon did basic training for five weeks at the training camp before starting his 21 months of military service. There were no events like a press conference or farewell party, out of respect for his wishes to enter military service quietly.

He was asked about who he was hoping to meet during his military service. He named several female stars who are close to him, like Go Ah Sung, Lim Ji Yeon, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Ji Won, and Kim Min Jung as some of the other female actresses he is close with.

On March 30, his agency, Prain TPC, released an official statement to announce that the Lee Joon would be transferred to reservist duty on March 23. They wrote, “Under the instructions of the Military Manpower Administration, Lee Joon will complete his mandatory military service as a public service worker.”

It was revealed that Lee Joon consistently received treatment for his panic disorder while carrying out his military duties. Because his condition was not improving, Lee Joon went through legal screening procedures in the military and was waiting for a draft notice from the Military Manpower Administration. Previously, it was revealed that Lee Joon already had panic disorder symptoms during his acting career, but he voluntarily enlisted to military service because of his strong personal will to conquer it. His agency said that he will do his best with his remaining military service.

Recent news said that Lee Joon has finished his basic military training for five weeks with high honors. On December 1, a source from his agency stated, “Lee Joon completed his basic military training as of November 30, and has been assigned to the 8th Battalion.”

Pointing to earlier reports, the source continued, “It is true that he has received commendation from his division commander for being first place in results.” Lee Joon has completed basic training along with 183 other people, and the result conclude that he achieved the highest results out of all of them.

Lee Joon will be carrying through his remaining 21 months of military service, before being dismissed on July 23, 2019.

That’s all about Lee Joon, ex MBLAQ. We wish Lee Joon the best health for his remaining service!