Here’s Lee Jong-suk’s CF Compilation That Can Make Your Heart Flutter!

The Stylish and Charming Lee Jong-suk Ambassador of Advertisement

Lee Jong-suk started his career as a model in 2005 and spread his career into acting. He has been popular to his acting in several K-drama titled I Can Hear Your Voice (2013), Doctor Strange (2014), Pinocchio (2014), W (2016), While You Were Sleeping (2017), The Hymn of Death (2018), and Romance is a Bonus Book (2019).

Along his career in entertainment industry, he has been successful to be one of the top artist that could attract so many people in South Korea. His physical appearance, style, and skills are perfect combo to made many company hiring him as commercial film or advertisement model.

Without further due, let’s read more about Lee Jong-suk CF compilation on this Channel-Korea below!


Lee Jong-suk got the endoresement of ice cream brand called ‘Milk Cow”. He become the brand image started April 2014. Capturing his advertisement filming in Seoul, he looked exhausted after drama shooting but he was so professional and showed his best during filming.

Milk Chow is the South Korean organic ice cream and Lee Jong-suk image also suitable to the brand since he has sweet and soft charm. His fans also agree to see him on this ice cream image.

The ice cream really looks more yummy when seeing Lee Jong-suk come and taste it. Do you agree?

See his smile, so sweet right?

Nongshim Shrimp Crackers


Lee Jong-suk endorsed the snack Shrimp Crackers. From company source, Nongshim was looking the brand image that would be suitable to attarct high schools girls to buy this product.


Lee Jong-suk has been Nongshim choice as the best model since he also did K-drama ‘School 2013’ at that time.

Again looking the way he did branding to the shrimp cracker, really invite the audiences to buy and try it. It really showed the delicious snack with his bright image.


This orange juice drink product, Sunkist, has chosen Lee Jong-suk to be their new face. This Sunkist product that known in Southeastern Asia, Japan, and China must be the right choice, Lee Jong-suk has fresh and charming figure which is fit and coherent with product image.

The official company, Haitai Beverage also expressed, “ Lee Jong-suk’s fresh and soft image matches the Sunkist brand image. We’re anticipating Lee Jong-suk , who is popular domestically and globally, will double the effect of our commercials.”

He was doing commercial filming that will be uploaded into Youtube and other channel. Looking fresh and young buoyant!

Indeed, he is so magnificent to this Sunkist! What do you think?


Hapsode is the first Chinese-Korean brand of cosmetic brand. Hapsode defines ‘HAppy’ and ‘epiSODE’ which has meaning the experience about beauty, bright and powerful notion that lies at the heart.


Lee Jong-suk become part of this brand on 2016, where the agency said about the brand, “A fresh and cheerful logo; simple and natural products made from the world’s best ingredients sourced from around the globe; simple packaging with pure lines and a beautiful leaf-like logo embedded on the bottle, leaving a mark pleasing to the eye and the gesture.”

His face could be potrayed the brand really well, he has a fresh, charming face which corelated with Hapsode. What do you think?


Lee Jong-suk has become the brand ambassador of Asics. Asic is a global sportwear. He was not alone, along with Ha JI won who is co-star in drama ‘Secret Garden” and movie “Korea” or “As One”.

Lee Jong-suk has charming visual and fashionable style really fit to this global sportwear brand. The walking shoes he wore which called “Cherry Pink”, also adding the sweet effect after Lee Jong-suk wearing it. Bravo!

His smile and physical appearance really fit to sport model, added with the pair of blue sweat jacket of Asic product. No doubt, he indeed cool with the brand!

SkinFood (스킨푸드)

SkinFood is one of South Korean skincare product which consent with natural ingredients.
This brand has introduced Lee Jong-suk as their brand ambassador. Again his bare face really resonate the youthful figure. Moreover, she also working together Ha Yeon -soo who has pretty and cute face.

Lee Jong-suk and Ha Yeon-son really compiled brand principle which is “Honesty”.

SkinFood launched these image coincidently with spring time, which made Lee Jong-suk also showing his natural expression. Of course, he nailed it!

The company also complimenting him by saying, “Lee Jong Suk’s clean and healthy image matches well with this advertisement’s new campaign ‘Good food makes healthy skin’. We were surprised by how Lee Jong Suk perfectly expressed [the campaign] after only seeing the content for the feeling of the ad before the photoshoot. The filming was completed in a friendly atmosphere, and the results came out well so we anticipate a big synergistic effect. More than anything else, Lee Jong Suk’s clear and clean skin is the core factor in creating confidence in the advertisement’s image.”