Highest Paid Korean Actor See Lee Jong-suk’s Net Worth and Car Collection!

Lee Jong-suk’s Hobbies and Car Collection

As an actor who earns quite a lot of money, there’re certainly various ways one could spend and enjoy their leisure time when not filming or attending activities. Same could be said about Lee Jong-suk who has an interest in cars.


Lee Jong-suk’s car of choice is the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, one of Porsche’s flagship cars. There are no details regarding the specifications of the car, yet from the base model, it could be seen that the car has 4.5 seconds of 0 to 100 km acceleration and 272 kW worth of power in its engines, making it the ideal sports car. The car is definitely made to be upgraded as there are other options to increase its power and design aspects. It also has a top speed of 290-292 km/hour, on par with other sports vehicles out there and nice for a speedy trip on the highway.


The car was first spotted during his supposed date with Park Shin-hye that was revealed by Dispatch after initial reports of the two dating surfaced. It seems Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye’s denial angered the media outlet, spurring the release of additional pictures that included their vehicle of choice. The grey Porsche 911 Carrera 4 was first seen in pictures where supposedly Lee Jong-suk and friends were picking up Park Shin-hye at her residence, as seen above, creating speculations of more than a friendly relationship. It was also spotted late in the night and made its way to Lee Jong-suk’s residence before dropping her back off at her residence around dawn.

From the reports done by Dispatch, it is also revealed that he has another car supposedly from Mercedes Benz although the ownership, type, and specifications are unclear. This car could also belong to one of his friends as the meeting between the two are usually conducted with friends and acquaintances. Another car spotted during the meeting was an Audi belonging to Park Shin-hye that some have mistaken for belonging to Lee Jong-suk.

The Porsche 911 Carrera 4 is priced at $264,000 retail before all the upgrades that can be made for it like trims, paint, and extra engine power. Some of the modified models can retail for up to $300,000. The pictures above also suggests that for the grey paint job and tire rims that were chosen by Lee Jong-suk puts the price somewhere in between the two.

The price is in line with Lee Jong-suk’s supposed earnings and is a way to confirm that he is really earning quite a lot from acting, way above other actors. His successful career as a model to actor has really uplifted his reputation, and along with it, his net worth. So, what do you think of Lee Jong-suk’s net worth? Is he really worth the hype and the price tag of $200,000? Is he a part of your top 10 picks for the most worth it Korean actor? Or, is he just another pretty face who got lucky? Comment your thoughts down below!