Highest Paid Korean Actor See Lee Jong-suk’s Net Worth and Car Collection!


Lee Jong-suk is Korea’s Highest Paid Actor?

Dramas and movies can be considered as a commodity in the everyday life of a normal citizen. From their commute to work on their mobile phones to the end of the day with a midnight snack on their TV screens, it is to nobody’s surprise that these two types of mediums are crucial to releasing stress and maintaining a happy mood. Thus, it is only fair that actors who star in them are paid very high for each project.

Lee Jong-suk, an actor who is currently in his twenties, is no exception. As part of the elite and well-known actors in the Korean entertainment industry, it is not a surprise that he is one of the top-earning Korean actors. From hit dramas to box office movies, how much do you think Lee Jong-suk is worth and how does he compares to other Korean actors? Let’s take a look at his net worth down below!

Lee Jong-suk’s Career

Lee Jong-suk started his career as a model that walked the runway of Seoul Collection at Seoul Fashion Week at the age of just 16, making him the youngest model ever to walk and debut on the Seoul Collection show. He continued modeling until his eventual debut as an actor in 2010 through the drama Prosecutor Princess. Previously, he also trained as an idol for approximately 3 months before terminating his trainee contract when the company failed to fulfill their promise to debut him as an actor, his original goal when signing with the company.


He followed through with his acting career through projects such as Secret Garden and High Kick 3 in which he started garnering attention. In Secret Garden, he starred as a series regular who was pining for the second lead male, a forbidden love of sorts. This role in itself was very controversial for its time, and that just made him a bigger name in the industry. Meanwhile, High Kick 3 marks his first leading role in a TV series, starring as the mischievous Ahn Jong-suk, a jock that struggles to find his footing in regards to academics. His popularity soared after these two dramas aired, starting his reign in the Korean entertainment industry. He continued to book projects that were hits such as the movie Hot Young Bloods and the TV series School 2013 and I Can Hear Your Voice.

It was not until his performances in the hit dramas Pinocchio and Doctor Stranger that he was awarded for his excellence in acting. Both projects feature him as the main character, cementing his spot in the industry. Sadly, in 2015, he decided to part ways with his current entertainment agency and move to one of the big three agencies, YG Entertainment. Under YG Entertainment, he stared in the drama W as a protagonist of a webtoon that transcends space, time, and reality, making his way to the real world. The drama was well received despite a sloppy ending that resulted in a drop in ratings.

Recently, he starred in another hit drama along with former Miss A member Bae Suzy titled While You Were Sleeping which gained a lot of attention from both domestic and international fans. Praises rained in complimenting their chemistry and work together as the plot revolves around solving a crime as the three main characters receive premonitions in their sleep. Despite his success under YG Entertainment, in 2018, he decided to part ways and signed with YNK Entertainment for his future activities.

Lee Jong-suk’s Salary and Net Worth Ranking

As seen above, Lee Jong-sun can be considered one of Korea’s top actors, having been active for over 10 years and starring in numerous works as the main character. His salary is definitely the talk of the town with various estimates that have neither been denied nor confirmed. Some experts estimate that he is currently worth somewhere around $50,000 or 60 million won, yet in 2016, another source estimated that he is worth around $200,000. His worth is calculated from his earnings within that year through acting projects, commercial revenue, and other related activities such as appearance fees. Surely, an actor like Lee Jong-suk who is immensely popular earns way above others.

In a ranking done by a source online, it is estimated that Lee Jong-suk is the 8th most paid Korean actor in the industry currently active right now, alongside Ji Chang-wook, Song Joong-ki, Hyunbin, and more. This is a huge accomplishment for someone who started their career as a model and transitioned into an actor as they are usually frowned at in the industry. Being compared to seniors such as So Ji-sub and Jo In-sung is just the cherry on top. Net worth definitely does not fully indicate someone’s acting skills, but it sure does prove the hits he has brought on and does not hurt one bit.