Actor Lee Jong-suk Is Always Concerned About His Appearance, Check out His Hairstyle!

The Handsome Actor Lee Jong-suk

Who loves Lee Jong-suk’s acting in the dramas W – Two Worlds and While You Were Sleeping? Well, we bet you guys did. As professionals, obviously Korean actors or actresses have to make sure they look good, from the fashions they choose to their hair. Lee Jong-suk is no exception.

His hairstyles have changed a couple of times, based on roles he’s been playing. The stylist who did Lee Jong-suk’s hair once revealed that she gave him a natural look, to build up a soft and sophisticated image, based on his role in the drama Pinocchio.

Through this article, Channel Korea presents you the fabulous Lee Jong-suk and his hairstyles!

Lee Jong-suk’s Haircuts Over Time

Starting his debut as a model, Lee Jong-suk has been gaining fame since 2005. As a result, he’s already tried a number of different styles with his hair. Let’s take a look!


1. Reddish-Brown Hair

In his appearance in Secret Garden, Lee Jong-suk looks great with his reddish-brown hair. Lee Jong-suk looks cute with that color, doesn’t he?


2. Blonde Hair

In 2013, Lee Jong-suk colored his hair a platinum blonde, and closes with the new year. The change wasn’t for any role he was playing, he just said that he wanted to start the new year with something different. He also said that he’d keep the color during his drama promotion.


3. Black Hair with Bangs

Most people loved this kind of hairstyle on Lee Jong-suk. They’ve said that this is probably one of the most perfect charming-boyfriend-type styles. It looks neat and comfy, and also giving Lee Jong-suk and innocent and pure look. The actor wore this style during his appearance in I Hear Your Voice.


4. Parted Haircut 

This haircut might be the most famous of Lee Jong-suk’s styles so far. This is the cut he wore when he was playing in While You Were Sleeping.

Lee Jong-suk rocked the same style when he was appeared in Jung Yup, one of the Brown Eyed Soul’s members, as the model in a music video called My Valentine.


5. Wet Look

This isn’t a style he wears often, but he did for his appearance in some W – Two Worlds’ episodes. Lee Jong-suk looks stunning, and the wet-look hair gave him a sexy image. He’s also used this style in some photoshoots he’s been in.



6. Curly Hair

Lee Jong-suk’s fans have said he’s cute with curls, as cute as a puppy.  Lee Jong-suk also used this hairstyle on his drama, Dr. Stranger.

7. Messy Long Hair

Most people rarely see this messy long hair of Lee Jong-suk. If you guys are watching Lee Jong-suk’s drama Pinocchio, you’re familiar with the look. This messy long hair gave Lee Jong-suk a very playful look.

Well, those are some of Lee Jong-suk’s hairstyles. Which look do you love the most?