Lee Jong-suk’s Girlfriend and Dating Rumor List That You Need to Know

Lee Jong-suk with Lee Bo-young

lee jong suk lee bo young rumored dating girlfriend

The first time Lee Jong-suk met Lee Bo-young was when the two of them starred in a drama together, I Hear Your Voice in 2013. Even though Lee Jong-suk is ten years younger than Lee Bo-young, the two of them showed really great chemistry. In 2014, Lee Bo-young’s voice appeared as a cameo in Lee Jong-suk’s drama, Pinocchio. They really have strong bonds, right?

lee bo young lee jong suk rumored girlfriend dating rumor

However, Lee Bo-young was dating Ji Sung when Lee Jong-suk and Lee Bo-young starred in I Hear Your Voice. Lee Bo-young also tied the knot with Ji-sung in September 2013. So, it was impossible that Lee Bo-young dated Lee Jong-suk in real life.


Lee Jong-suk Ideal Type

lee jong suk ideal type lee na young rumored dating girlfriend

Talking about Lee Jong-suk’s rumored girlfriend lists, there must be something that popped up in your mind right now. What is the ideal type of girl that Lee Jong-suk likes? Well, if we see from the girls that rumored to be his girlfriend, seems like his ideal type is someone who is super pretty, charming, and talented just like Kwon Nara, Park Shin-hye, Bae Suzy, Han Hyo-joo, Jin Se-yeon, and Lee Bo-young.

The shocking thing about that is, Lee Jong-suk admitted that her ideal type of girl is based on an actress. However, the actress that he mentioned is not one of the rumored girlfriend lists. That’s because the ideal type of Lee Jong-suk is Lee Na-young. She is a Korean actress and the wife of the popular Korean celebrity, Won Bin.

Lee Jong-suk said that he has chosen Lee Na-young as his ideal type before, and even now he still sees her as his ideal type. Lee Jong-suk likes the way Lee Na-young talks and he also has admired her as an actress. It was really lucky when he finally was able to be a partner of Lee Na-young in a drama, Romance is a Bonus Book.

Who is Lee Jong-suk Current Girlfriend?

Who is Lee Jong-suk Current Girlfriend

Lee Jong-suk has completed his military duty in January 2021. The 31-year-old handsome actor is often rumored to be dating with co-stars in his drama because of his genuine chemistry so that the audience is carried away with feelings, starting from Jin Se Yeon, Park Shin-Hye, Han Hyo-Joo, Bae Suzy to the latest shocking news rumored to be dating the beautiful actress Kwon Nara in August 2019 and April 2021.

However, their agency A-Man Project denied all the news and said they were only close friends and nothing more than a junior-senior relationship.

As of 2021, Lee Jong-suk’s agency and he himself never released any statement about who is the girl that he’s dating at the moment. Could it be because he’s not in a relationship? Or is it because Lee Jong-suk didn’t publish his relationship? Even so, the strongest rumor of Lee Jong-suk’s girlfriend is Kwon Nara, and it was hard to confirm their real status since they are under the same agency.

Is Lee Jong-suk Already Married, and Who is His Wife?

Is Lee Jong-suk Already Married? Does he have a wife?

As we know, Lee Jong-suk, the handsome actor that was born in 1989, is currently not in a relationship. It was often rumored to be dating a beautiful Korean actress, but the agency said that they were just close friends.  Lee Jong-suk said that when he is dating someone, he will say and introduce it to the public, which has been no official statement regarding this until now.

Lee Jong-suk is known to have his ideal type of woman; in an interview with Star News, when asked about his ideal type, he picks amongst the celebrities that Lee Na Young is closest to his ideal woman. When asked about dating and marriage, he shared his thoughts on the subject, saying, “Honestly, I felt empty-hearted since last year, and I thought that it would be nice to get married soon. When I saw my ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ co-star Lee Bo Young and her husband Ji Sung together, they looked pleased. When we were filming, Lee Bo-young would video call Ji Sung, and as I watched that, I thought about getting married”.

Let’s wait for the best news from Lee Jong-suk!

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