Lee Jong-suk’s Girlfriend and Dating Rumor List That You Need to Know

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Lee Jong-suk’s Dating Rumored Relationship

Lee Jong-suk is a famous model and actor originally from South Korea. This 31-year-old man known for his acting roles in “School 2013”, “I Can Hear Your Voice,” “Doctor Stranger,” “Pinocchio” and “W Two Worlds,“ While You Were Sleeping,” “ The Hymn of Death ”and“ Romance Is a Bonus Book.” He managed to gain success and won various awards through the dramas he starred in.

Along with his success, fans began to be curious about his love life. He is often rumored to be the actress who is the co-star in his drama. Some of these beautiful actresses will be discussed in the description below. Let’s take a look at which beautiful actresses have been rumored to be dating Lee Jong-suk. Check it out!

Lee Jong-suk with Park Shin-Hye

Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-Hye are rumored to have a romantic relationship after both of them were involved in producing the drama Pinocchio. Their chemistry in the drama has brought a real feeling to the fans who watched it. Maybe some of you still remember when Dispatch reported, in late June 2015, that they were dating for four months. They released footage showing Jong-suk and Shin-Hye on a date and traveling secretly.

jongsuk-shinhye dispatch
jongsuk-shinhye dispatch

Both of their agencies already stated that Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-Hye are nothing more than just friends. The agencies stated that the two went abroad just for a photoshoot after the drama, and they were close friends even before they had met on the drama’s shooting. Shin-Hye, herself, said in an interview that she doesn’t want to get married before 30, and Lee Jong-suk is just her close friend.

They have been misunderstood for their joint business trip to England for their InStyle photoshoot and Park Shin-Hye’s Hawaiian adventure in April, visiting a close friend, at the same time with Lee Jong-suk’s Allure photoshoot there.

Lee Jong-suk with Han Hyo-Joo

lee jong suk han hyo joo

Lee Jong-suk has also been rumored to date Han Hyo-Joo, after the drama W – Two Worlds. Many fans have been speculating that maybe they are in a relationship because of their perfect chemistry on the screen. Both of them said that they are not dating. Jong-suk once revealed that he felt comfortable with Hyo-Joo; however, Hyo-Joo did not give any comments.

Nevertheless, Han Hyo-Joo, at the drama’s press conference, said that Lee Jong-suk plays the role of a handsome, sexy guy. She also added that his character in the drama has great manners, just like Lee Jong-suk’s real-life personality. Han Hyo-Joo then said that Lee Jong-suk is a man who does not lack anything. As Han Hyo-Joo praised him, Jong-suk praised her back by saying that Hyo-Joo is bright, tall, and pretty. She also has a charming way of talking.

Even though they praise each other and look cute together, they haven’t confirmed that they are dating. So, Lee Jong-suk is possibly still single. In an interview, Lee Jong-suk said that he would be open to the public once he is dating someone. Let’s wait until he announces it!

Lee Jong-suk with Jin Se Yeon

Lee Jong-suk with Jin Se Yeon
(Photo by The Chosunilbo JNS/Multi-Bits via Getty Images)

Acting with excellent chemistry in Doctor Stranger in 2014 made Jin Se Yeon’s name rumored to be dating her co-star, Lee Jong-suk. This was sticking out because Jin Se Yeon’s agency, Early Bird Entertainment, uploaded an intimate photo of the two.

In the photo uploaded by the agency, it appears that Jong-suk is smiling happily as he puts his hand on Jin Se Yeon’s shoulder. Not only that, they took the selca from a fairly close distance like a couple in love. The public was also curious about the photo, especially the photo uploaded directly by the agency, which usually covers Korean celebrities’ dating news. As a result, this photo that was specially made to film this drama successfully captured the public’s attention.

Many netizens suspect that Jong-suk and Se Yeon have a special relationship. Fans who watch this drama also hope so. But again, rumors remain rumors. Jin Se Yeon only thinks of Jong-suk as an older brother.

Lee Jong-suk with Bae Suzy

Lee Jong-suk with Bae Suzy

Before meeting in the drama, Jong-suk was hit by rumors with Suzy when the beautiful actress was still active in Miss A. However, Jong-suk clarified that he did not know and had never met Suzy.

But, fate said; differently, Jong-suk was even met with Suzy in the drama While You Were Sleeping in 2017. The chemistry of both in the drama looks so real and too intimate. Many fans had matched Jong-suk with Suzy, especially when Suzy had just broken up with Lee Min Ho.

Thanks to their genuine chemistry, at the 2017 SBS Drama Awards, they won the ‘Best Couple’ award, and in his speech, Jong-suk said that Suzy was the most beautiful woman in Korea he fell in love with her many times. Likewise, with Suzy herself, she said that Lee Jong-suk was so handsome that she could melt into her role very well.

Again, there is no official statement of either or agency regarding Suzy and Lee Jong-suk’s dating rumors. The news was just a rumor and drowned over time.

Lee Jong-suk with Kwon Nara

Lee Jong-suk with Kwon Nara

Never acting together in one drama, shocking news came from Lee Jong-suk and former member of the vocal group Hello Venus, Kwon Nara. Lee Jong-suk is reportedly in a special relationship with Kwon Nara, one of the actresses who played in the drama Itaewon Class in August 2019. Korean local media, News first reported this news.

Quoting from Soompi, that they became lovers after a long friendship. Reportedly, Lee Jong-suk first met Kwon Nara when she was still active on Hello Venus. A source close to the two said that Jong-suk liked Nara first and often gave her gifts. Nara is said to be Jong-suk’s ideal woman, who has a height and appearance similar to that of a senior actress, Lee Na Young, his idol. At that time, Jong-suk often contacted Nara and asked her to join his agency, A-Man Project, where he is the CEO. It’s even reported that Jong-suk took care of all of Nara’s schedules! Jong-suk spends a lot of time taking care of Nara’s career.

They are often seen dating and together at Jong Suk’s cafe, 89 Mansion, located in the Shinsadong area of ​​Seoul. He reported several sources that Nara diligently visited Jong-suk, who was carrying out his military duties.

However, the excitement of the two was only temporary. The A-Man Project agency immediately clarified and at the same time denied that their relationship was nothing more than a close senior-junior relationship. Hmmm, are you sure it’s only limited to seniors and juniors?

Who is Lee Jong-suk Current Girlfriend?

Who is Lee Jong-suk Current Girlfriend

Lee Jong-suk is currently in his military duty and is rumored to be completed on January 2, 2021. The 31-year-old handsome actor is often rumored to be dating with co-stars in his drama because of his genuine chemistry so that the audience is carried away with feelings, starting from Jin Se Yeon, Park Shin-Hye, Han Hyo-Joo, Bae Suzy to the latest shocking news rumored to be dating the beautiful actress Kwon Nara in August 2019. However, their agency A-Man Project denied all the news and said they were only close friends and nothing more than a junior-senior relationship.

In 2020, there is no official news regarding Lee Jong-suk dating someone who, which in other words, is currently single.

Is Lee Jong-suk Already Married, and Who is His Wife?

Is Lee Jong-suk Already Married

As we know, Lee Jong-suk, the handsome actor that was born in 1989, is currently not in a relationship. It was often rumored to be dating a beautiful Korean actress, but the agency said that they were just close friends.  Lee Jong-suk said that when he is dating someone, he will say and introduce it to the public, which has been no official statement regarding this until now.

Lee Jong-suk is known to have his ideal type of woman; in a recent interview with Star News, when asked about his ideal type, he picks amongst the celebrities that Lee Na Young is closest to his ideal woman. When asked about dating and marriage, he shared his thoughts on the subject, saying, “Honestly, I felt empty-hearted since last year, and I thought that it would be nice to get married soon. When I saw my ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ co-star Lee Bo Young and her husband Ji Sung together, they looked pleased. When we were filming, Lee Bo Young would video call Ji Sung, and as I watched that, I thought about getting married”.

Let’s wait for the best news from Lee Jong-suk!

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