Aw! Lee Jong-suk Shows Off His Awesome Abs On The Stage!

Get to Know Lee Jong-suk

Who doesn’t know about Lee Jong Suk? The actor was born on September 14, 1989, and started his career in 2005 as a runaway model in Seoul Collection, making him one of the youngest contestants at that time. He trained as an idol for three months, but quit after the company broke their promise to him. In 2010 he finally made his official debut in a drama called Prosecutor Princess.

Jong Suk began to gain recognition by playing in a supporting role on Secret Garden, and his breakout role was in School 2013. He received his first acting award at the 2012 KBS Drama Awards in Best New Actor category. Then, in 2014, Jong Suk was cast in a medical drama, Doctor Stranger, which become a hit in China and gained 400 million views.

In 2015, he left his previous agency, Wellmae Yedang, and signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment. In July, 2016, Jong Suk returned to the screen, playing in the fantasy thriller W, with Han Hyo Joo. The drama was highly rated in Korea, and he received a Daesang Award. In September of 2017, he was paired with Suzy for the supernatural procedural drama While You Were Sleeping.

This year Jong Suk was cast on a two-episode drama, Hymn of Death, which was a remake of a 1991 film called Death Song, and set to play on a romantic comedy show called Romance Supplement. He also signed with a new agency, YNK Entertainment, once his contract with YG Entertainment ended.

Lee Jong Suk Reveals His Chocolate Abs!

Most of us know that in Korea, a perfect body is a must, especially for an artist. We see so many actors that have a well-built body with chocolate abs, and Lee Jong Suk is certainly one of them. So be prepared for all the fangirls, because we were going to look at the moments when Jong Suk reveals his sexy abs. Here we go!

There are a few times from his dramas where he was shirtless in certain scenes, are you ready?? First here’s a scene from Doctor Stranger

The second clip is a cut scene from I Hear Your Voice, well even though it’s just for a second, you can still enjoy it and go all fangirl, right?

A cut scene from the 2017 drama While Were You Sleeping, isn’t he cute and sexy at the same time??