The Truth Behind Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara’s Dating Rumor

Kwon Nara Moved Her House Near Lee Jong-suk’s Residence

lee jong suk and kwon nara dating rumor

The dating news of Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara, a former member of Hello Venus, has shocked the public. The drama star of Romance Is a Bonus Book is rumored to be dating Nara according to an exclusive Newsis report. Besides that, Lee Jong-suk and Nara first met when Nara was still a member of Hello Venus. The 1989-born actor allegedly contacted Nara personally to offer for her to join his agency, A-MAN Project.

Even though the agency denied their dating, the public is still questioning the relationship between Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara. Reports claim that Kwon Nara is currently planning to move into a new apartment complex five minutes from Lee Jong-suk’s house.

lee jong suk and kwon nara dating rumor

Insiders stated that Kwon Nara recently decided to move out after living with her sister for a long time. They also informed that the star of the drama Doctor Prisoner had just signed a contract with an apartment located in Oksudong, about five minutes from the Hannamdong villa where Lee Jong-suk lived.

“I saw him with a tall girl in Hannamdong. It must be Nara,” commented a netter. “They will change their story as soon as Dispatch takes action releasing dating photos. They will definitely say that they, ‘meet with positive feelings, please watch over us’. I will not be surprised if there is such a statement soon,” added another netter.

“Lee Jong-suk’s image will definitely be bad if the news of his date with Nara is exposed. That’s why he chose to keep it a secret. But I am 100% sure that they are indeed dating,” said another. “So when is Dispatch in action?” concluded another.

Netters Respond to Lee Jong-suk’s Dating Rumor With Kwon Nara During Military Service

lee jong suk and kwon nara dating rumor

The news of Lee Jong-suk and Nara’s relationship has certainly attracted public attention, especially now that Lee Jong-suk is serving his mandatory military service in the public service department. Netters also gave various comments in response to the gossip of their relationship.

lee jong suk and kwon nara dating rumor

“Scandal, scandal, military service scandal,” commented a netter. “It must be nice to be able to go on a date because you serve in public services,” said another netter. “She [Kwon Nara] is very beautiful. She can look for much better,” said another. “Every time I see him, I remember how he looked down on fans who tried to give him gifts,” said another netter. “It seems that Nara has never seen Lee Jong-suk’s old photos… He looks like a small-shouldered loser. Nara-ya, run,” said a netter.

lee jong suk and kwon nara dating rumor

“Wow, she [Nara] can get much better,” another commented. “He [Lee Jong-suk] must really like it if even the media makes it look as if he is chasing Nara… But information like this makes Nara look more important and Lee Jong-suk seems like…” added another netter.

Lee Jong-suk Was Rumored Giving Kwon Nara a Ferrari

lee jong suk and kwon nara dating rumor

On April 15, 2021, Lee Jong-suk was again rumored to be dating Kwon Nara. Previously, Lee Jong-suk was reported to be dating Kwon Nara in 2019 by Media News. Through the PANN site, these two dating rumors are currently being discussed by Korean netizens.

From PANN, here are some discussions of the dating rumors between the two. A PANN netter mentioned the entertainment director Kim Yong-ho, the reporter who shared the celebrity news on YouTube. “I watched a YouTube video and he said that the two were dating, there used to be articles about them dating,” said a netter.

PANN explained that in the past there was an article about them dating, but because it was from the same agency, it was denied. An agency company called A-Man Project switched to saying that the closeness of the two was only as brother and sister. However, there are rumors that the two have been dating with the mention that they are still dating even now.

In addition, according to the PANN website, the reporter said Lee Jong-suk gave Kwon Nara a Ferrari. Seeing this, netizens responded to the upload of several dating rumors that have been proven. Among them, there’s also Seo Ye-ji and Kim Jung-hyun’s controversy of Seo Ye-ji who dated Kim Soo-hyun but now is dating his older cousin.

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Kim Soo-hyun’s private life was rumored that women had no control over him. Furthermore, the journalist nine months ago said Seo Ye-ji acted like a queen on the set because she thought she was Jun Ji-hyun. Netters also thought that Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara had no intention of hiding their dating rumors.

Lee Jong-suk’s taste according to netizens is very consistent with Kwon Nara who has beautiful double eyelids like a model. Reporters are considered netizens who know all the rumors of the entertainment industry, and netizens are curious about the next rumors. It is considered natural for celebrities to have a love story, date, or marry someone after dating first.

Five Reasons Why People Keep Assuming Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara Really Dated Each Other

lee jong suk and kwon nara dating rumor

A-Man Project as the agency of Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara has long denied the rumors of their romance. The dating rumors that have been circulated through the Internet have not been confirmed. However, some Korean media and news still report that Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara are still dating each other and collected evidence that was behind the scenes.

What is the evidence? Let’s take a look at five reasons why people keep assuming that Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara are secretly dating!

  1. According to sources, Lee Jong-suk was the first to approach Kwon Nara. The Romance Is a Bonus Book actor brought Nara to his agency, A-Man Project. Nara did not have an agency after her contract with Fantagio Entertainment ended. Lee Jong-suk, according to the news, is the CEO of the A-MAN Project agency.
  2. “Lee Jong-suk is in charge of the management of his agency. He is the one who manages Kwon Nara’s schedule. Lee Jong-suk is arguably the one who brought her to the agency. He gave up his time and effort to get Kwon Nara into the same agency with him,” said the source.
  3. Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara often spend time together. The drama actress of Suspicious Partner is often seen at Lee Jong-suk’s cafe, Cafe 89 Mansion, located in Sinsa-dong, Seoul.
    lee jong suk and kwon nara dating rumor

    Lee Jong-suk was serving his mandatory military service as a public worker so he didn’t have to live in the army barracks. Therefore, when not on duty, he could hypothetically spend time with Nara.

  4. Reportedly, the rumors between Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara have been widely known by people in the entertainment industry. They even have a special nickname for Nara, and Lee Jong-suk was the first to approach Nara to date. “He also did many ways to make the relationship smooth. We all refer to Kwon Nara as ‘Lee Jong-suk’s woman.’ From what we heard, Lee Jong-suk also sent many gifts to win Kwon Nara’s heart,” said a source.
  5. It can be said, Kwon Nara‘s name shone even more when she starred in the popular K-drama Itaewon Class with Park Seo-joon and Kim Da-mi. She plays the character Soo Ah, the ex-girlfriend of Park Sae Ro-yi (played by Park Seo-joon).
    lee jong suk and kwon nara dating rumor

    During the filming of the drama, Kwon Nara once uploaded a photo of a food truck sent to the filming location to support it. At first, netizens didn’t really mind Kwon Nara’s photo at the time. However, since Kim Yong-ho’s video went viral, netizens suspected that it was not a food truck that was sent as a form of support but a sign of love from Lee Jong-suk. There is a duck head logo and underneath it says “Cafe 89 Mansion,” Lee Jong-suk’s cafe.

  6. Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara‘s dating rumors have been circulating since 2019. A Korean media source reported that the two were in a romantic relationship. Although their love affair had already spread by that time, the agency representative denied the rumors of the two. The agency revealed that the relationship between the two was only limited to senior and junior. However, the agency’s rebuttal has now begun to be questioned by netizens since Kim Yong-ho revealed that the two are indeed dating and are still in a relationship as lovers to this day.

What do you think about Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara’s relationship after these reasons for suspicion? Do you really think that they are dating each other even now?

Well, that is all of the information about the dating rumors between Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara. Do you believe some of the evidence above about the actor and actress being in a romantic relationship and still dating to this day? Although there is no clear confirmation from the two of them yet, let’s keep supporting Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara’s careers in the future without letting them down because of the dating rumor.

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