Still Not Married, Lee Jin-wook Reveals His Ideal Woman

Lee Jin-wook

Do you know Lee Jin-wook?

Lee Jin-wook is a South Korean actor who gained widespread fame and recognition after playing the leading male role in the drama Glass Castle. Lee Jin-wook’s fans must be very curious about his life, especially his personal life, and of course – his love life. Now, we’re gonna talk about his ideal type of woman.

Throughout this article, Channel-Korea will present you with info about Lee Jin-wook and his ideal type of woman! Are you his ideal type of woman? Let’s find out!

Lee Jin-wook’s Ideal Type

Lee Jin-wook

Lee Jin-wook is indeed not married yet, but he once revealed what his ideal type of woman is. The first thing that Lee Jin-wook’s eyes catch in a woman is her size, especially if she has a petite figure with long hair.

In an interview, Lee Jin-wook had been asked about his ideal type of woman. Lee Jin-wook answered that instead of a woman with short hair, he’d rather choose one with long hair; it’s even better if she has tied her hair up. And he also said that he prefers a woman with a height of 164 cm or less. Lee Jin-wook also added, “She must be someone who can carry a smooth conversation with me, and I like a warm and caring person.”

In another interview, Lee Jin-wook has also been asked again about his ideal type of woman. Only this time, he had to choose one between a pair of two female celebrities. Lee Jin-wook had to make a choice, so he chose Suzy over IU, and chose Cho Yoon-hee over Jung Yumi.

Lee Jin-woo

Then Lee Jin-wook had to make his choice of his ultimate ideal type of woman. He was given a choice between Suzy or Go Hyun-jung, and Lee Jin-wook decided to choose Suzy as his ultimate ideal type of woman. When he was asked to convey a short message to Suzy, Lee Jin-wook said, “Always take good care of your health.”

In January 2017, Lee Jin-wook revealed his chemistry with a female star that had worked with him recently. He chose a gorgeous one, Ha Ji-won. Why did he choose her? Jokingly, Lee Jin-wook said it was because while they were working together with Ha Ji-won in the drama The Time I Loved You (The Time We Were Not in Love), he felt that they had the best chemistry so far, compared to all the other female celebrities he had worked with before.

Lee Jin-wook