Get to Know ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ Supporting Actor Lee Ji-hoon!

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Meet Lee Ji-hoon

Have you guys watched The Legend of The Blue Sea? If you have, then you must be familiar with Heo Chi-hyun. The antagonist character that was played by Lee Ji-hoon who started his acting career with School 2013. Let’s get to know the actor better!

Profile of Lee Ji-hoon

lee ji hoon

Name: Lee Ji-hoon
Stage name: Lee Ji-hoon
Date of birth: October 2nd, 1988
Height: –
Weight: –
Education: Hallym University
Instagram: @k.leejihoon

Lee Ji-hoon’s Filmography

Lee Ji-hoon has been active in the industry since his debut in 2012. He has starred in several dramas and even movies! Make sure you guys watch each of them, here is a list of his appearances in dramas and movies:



  1. School 2013 as Lee Ji-hoon


  1. You Are The Best! as Jo In-sung
  2. Golden Rainbow as Kim Yeol-won


  1. Blood as J (2015)
  2. Six Flying Dragons as Heo Kang/Lee Shin-juk


  1. Mirror of the Witch as King Seon-jo
  2. Gogh, The Starry Night as Hwang Ji-hoon
  3. Drama Special – The Legendary Shuttle as Kang Chan
  4. Legend of the Blue Sea as Heo Chi-hyun


  1. Whisper as young Choi Il-hwan (cameo)
  2. Band of Sisters as Seol Ki-chan


  1. The Hymn of Death as Hong Nan-pa
  2. Your House Helper as Kwon Jin-kook



  1. Return of the Mafia


  1. Jinx!!!


  1. Body Rhythms (short film)
  2. A Hard Day


  1. Proof of Innocence

Awards and Nominations

Even though he just started his career in 2012, he has been nominated for several awards! Here is a list of the nominations he has received:

  1. 27th KBS Drama Awards – Best New Actor in 2013
  2. 30th KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actor in a One-Act/Special/Short Drama
  3. 24th SBS Drama Awards – Special Award, Actor in a Fantasy Drama

Even though he hasn’t yet won an award, it was still a good chance for him to get nominated. Hope he will be the winner of many awards in the future!

Lee Ji-hoon in Legend of the Blue Sea

The fantasy drama Legend of the Blue Sea was a very famous and the most-watched drama in 2016. No wonder, the lead actor and actress are seniors in the industry and the dramas and movies they have played in have never been flopped. In this drama, Lee Ji-hoon got the chance to play with Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun. His role here is Heo Chi-hyun, an antagonist character.

The drama tells the story of Dam-ryung (Lee Min-ho), who stays a night at an inn run by Mr. Yang (Sung Dong-il). Mr. Yang then shows Dam-ryung a mermaid captured in the sea. It turns out that the mermaid has a name, her name is Shim Chung/Sae-hwa (Jun Ji-hyun). Later at night, Dam-ryung releases her back into the sea.

In the present life, Joon-jae (Lee Min-ho) is working with a very amazing ability with Nam-doo (Lee Hee-joon) and Tae-oh (Shin Won-ho). Joon-jae impersonates a persecutor and gains a lot of money from a rich woman by swindling her. He travels to many places until one day he stays in a resort near the sea. At that time, Shim-chung/Sae-hwa goes to the land because of the waves and she sees him.

Lee Ji-hoon’s Instagram

Don’t miss any updates from Lee Ji-hoon himself on his Instagram account! Let’s check out the most recent post on his account.