Check Out Lee Je-hoon and Chae Soo-bin’s Romantic Moments in ‘Where a Star Lands’

Falling in Love at The Airport with Lee Je-hoon and Chae Soo-bin

Airports are not common settings in Korean dramas, aside from painful goodbyes and dramatic chase scenes. They are usually a mere set in passing when thinking about the romance that goes on throughout its airing. Where Stars Land, a drama that aired on SBS in the fall of 2018, takes a very different approach, centering the drama around the office romance that happens between two characters working at the airport. The main character, Nam Da-reum, played by Lee Je-hoon, is a first-year member of the Passenger Services team, who chances upon Han Yeo-reum, played by Chae Soo-bin, who is a fellow first-year member of the team. Their opposite personalities quickly clash and mark the start of their relationship.

The relationship is depicted in a series of romantic moments and scenes such as kisses, hugs, and deep talks with one another. Progressing with their relationship in each of the episodes, viewers can see that they slowly but surely gain an understanding of one another and fall in love. Viewers became enamored and were anticipating all their milestones going from the very first episode to their very last. The chemistry between Lee Je-hoon and Chae Soo-bin is simply undeniable both on and off screen, so let’s reminisce and walk through their sweet moments together in the drama Where Stars Land!

Lee Je-hoon and Chae Soo-bin’s Romantic Moments in Where Stars Land

As mentioned before, Where Stars Land tells the story of Nam Da-reum and Han Yeo-reum, two first-year members of the Passengers Service team in Incheon Airport, the biggest international airport in South Korea. The two are set as partners while being very much at odds regarding their approaches in life and their personalities. Nam Da-reum, who has come to be called Lee Soo-yeon, has a secret in his past that causes him to act cold and distance himself from people around him. Han Yeo-reum cannot be more different, with  a bright personality and positive approach to life that has sometimes caused more trouble than is good for her.

The reason behind Nam Da-reum’s cold exterior has something to do with an accident involving Han Yeo-reum herself, as he has saved her from oncoming traffic, which caused him to lose an arm and a leg. Replaced with a bionic arm and leg, Nam Da-reum is able to do a little bit more than the usual person, and with that he just wants to blend in and live a normal life. Want to see the fun, interesting, and somewhat romantic shenanigans the two characters involve themselves in?¬†Below is a compilation of their cutest moments together in the drama Where Stars Land!

The compilation started with Han Yeo-reum fussing over Nam Da-reum, who had just burnt his hand while making coffee, worrying over his careless moves. It progresses to a scene where Nam Da-reum is being followed by a service robot that is deployed in the airport, causing him to bump into Han Yeo-reum and flustering the both of them. Another scene shows Han Yeo-reum chasing after Nam Da-reum in the rain, asking him quite personal questions, trying to peel back his hard exterior and mysterious facade.

The relationship between the two slowly but surely transitions into that of lovers as Han Yeo-reum straightforwardly asked him about his feelings for her, and Nam Da-reum confesses, but runs away right after. She continues to pester him in a later scene, where she again asks him outright what he feels for her. She questions the validity of his feelings for her since they haven’t spent that much time with each other. Nam Da-reum simply replies that time does not matter, as it could take 3 years or even only 3 seconds to make someone fall in love with another person. The scene is followed by a flashback from Nam Da-reum’s perspective of how he has met Han Yeo-reum in the past and saved her from oncoming traffic. Not only did he meet her through the unfortunate incident, he had also seen her around a cafe named Where Stars Land.

Another scene depicted Han Yeo-reum having to find a place to stay and resorting to Nam Da-reum’s apartement. She clearly felt awkward and offered to stay elsewhere, as her staying there could lead to further misunderstandings. He understood that having her stay there could make her feel uncomfortable, especially after he confessed his feelings, so he accepted her decision to stay somewhere else. The last scene shows Han Yeo-reum’s thoughts about their meeting in the past, and knowing now that the chance meeting led to his feelings for her. When she first knew she felt good but also somewhat foreign to all the things going on, but as time passed by it became comforting for her. The two then share a moment and were about to kiss, until sounds of a man beat up by gangsters ruined the mood, yet Nam Da-reum still ended up pecking her in the mouth before going to save the man.

More kisses and romantic moments were shared between the two. Check out their sweet escapade at work, where Han Yeo-reum dragged him out back and trapped him against the wall as she wanted to test the trick out. The fact that Nam Da-reum is twice as strong as Han Yeo-reum with his bionic arm just adds a layer of comedy to her eagerness to try out a trick coined as Kabedon.

Off-screen Moments

Lee Je-hoon and Chae Soo-bin did not only share their chemistry on-screen, but also off-screen in between takes and as they rehearsed lines. The two are quite the adorable couple as they try to nail down each of their own characters, practicing scenes such as Han Yeo-reum slapping Nam Da-reum’s face and much more. Check out some of the behind the scenes below!

SBS, the network that aired the drama, also released a behind the scenes look of their kiss scene at the airport. You can see the two rehearsing their lines beforehand in the cold with directions from the director, joking around with each other to lighten up the mood. They are very professional even while practicing, showing no signs of breaking character, even with the director up close and personal with the two of them. They then tried out a couple poses for their kiss, confirming with each other and the director which one was more comfortable and suited for the direction of the scene.

At one point, the two kept laughing and broke the mood completely, but as they went back into focus, the two delivered on the kiss scene with passionate chemistry. The kiss ended with smiles and the two proceed to monitor the scene they just filmed with such professional behavior. They once again shot the scene for a different angle and as it ended, Lee Je-hoon patted Chae Soo-bin’s head as a form of praise for a scene well done.

So what do you think of their charming, adorable relationship on and off the set of the drama Where Stars Land? Do you think Lee Je-hoon and Chae Soo-bin have something going on in real life, unscripted? or would you be willing to recreate the scenes found in the drama Where Stars Land with your significant other? Comment your thoughts and opinions down in the comment section below!