Who Is Lee Jae-yoon’s Girlfriend Now?


Let’s Get Closer to Handsome Actor Lee Jae-yoon

Who doesn’t know Lee Jae Yoon? Born in Canada 34 years ago, Lee Jae Yoon became one of the hottest actors in Korea. Not only good-looking, he also has a great body with perfectly-shaped ABS. Lee Jae Yoon mostly takes roles as the lover, which makes fans wonder, how about his love life? Who is Lee Jae Yoon’s girlfriend? Are you curious? Let’s find out together!

As a boyfriend, Lee Jae Yoon is the kind of lover who likes to express his feelings. Even though he can’t say ‘I Love You’ blatantly to his girlfriend, he always makes an effort to express his feelings other ways. He also said that he is a sweet man. When Lee Jae Yoon was a guest, along with actress Uhm Jung Hwa, on Cultwo’s Radio Show back in 2014, Cultwo jokingly asked about his statement, “Do you also express a lot when you kiss?” and Lee Jae Yoon jokingly answered, “I will express a lot when I kiss, even though it can’t be said in a word.”


In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine (2/21/2012), Lee Jae Yoon said that words ‘I Love You’ are the best praise for the woman who’s been working hard. Even though he, himself, can’t express those words easily, Lee Jae Yoon thinks that words feel heartwarming. He also likes to hear it from his lover.

Lee Jae Yoon also the kind of boyfriend who would talk about everything. He doesn’t do push and pull in a relationship. If there’s a problem, he wants to talk about it straightaway. For him, if they don’t talk about it, it’ll hurt both sides later.


In 2011, Lee Jae Yoon starred in the drama My Love by My Side. The main role, Do Mi Sol (played by Lee So Yeon), got pregnant while she was in a relationship with Lee So Ryong (played by Lee Jae Yoon). At the press conference, a journalist asked Lee Jae Yoon what he would do if he was in a situation like Lee So Ryong’s. He answered this wisely, “Even if the situation like in a drama happens, my mind won’t change and I’ll stay with my girlfriend.”


For his idea of a dream date, Lee Jae Yoon revealed his idea of romantic date to a news outlet from Singapore.

“Swimming together in an ocean.. stuff like that.” said Lee Jae Yoon in the interview.

It seems like he likes doing sports-related dates if he is in a relationship. Besides being an actor, Lee Jae Yoon also is famous for being a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete. He even made Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practice as part of his routine. No wonder Puma made him a model and ambassador for their product.


For his ideal type, Lee Jae yoon looks at the woman’s attitude more than her appearance. Even though he does look at appearance, and is kind of insecure about his own, if the girl’s attitude is good, he has no problems. He also looks at the woman’s attitude toward her parents, whether she is kind or not. If he looks this aspect of her, he feels he will grasp what kind of person she is.

The reason Lee Jae Yoon values attitude more than appearance is because the most important thing in a relationship is feeling a charm or an attraction that can’t be explained in words. He also likes a woman who is not too selfish, but also not too good. Those two traits have been his ideal type for a long time, and never change.


For now, Lee Jae Yoon doesn’t have a girlfriend or wife. There hasn’t been any news suggesting that he might be in a relationship. That means he’s still single!. Apparently, because he’s now in his 30’s, Lee Jae Yoon’s started thinking about marriage. From an interview with Star News, he has been dreaming of having a family of his own since he was a child.

“I’ve been thinking about it since I was children. What if I have a child that resembles me? Doesn’t everyone think of marriage when they’re dating? I can’t think of dating and marriage separately.” said Lee Jae Yoon in the interview.

In the same interview, he also talked about his previous relationship. The reason he broke up with his ex-girlfriend was because of personality differences, but he wouldn’t say more than that about it.

From this Instagram post, it seems like now he’s only in love with his dog, Gooma!

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