Between IU and Red Velvet’s Joy, Who Is Lee Hyun-woo’s Girlfriend?

IU and Hyunwoo

Lee Hyun-woo and IU’s Relationship

Lee Hyun-woo was once rumored to have a special relationship with the singer, IU. He said on his appearance on the variety show “Happy Together” in June, 2015, that he had suddenly been called by his agency, and told that there were some articles posted about Hyun-woo togetherness with IU. You can see the video below!

In fact, Hyun-woo and IU are long-time friends, and Hyun-woo and IU actually went to the theater with their manager. When this rumor first blew up, Hyun-woo called IU and asked ‘what should they do?’ IU then calmly responded, telling him not to worry about it, and just let it go.

Maybe because of that long-time friendship, some people speculate Hyun-woo and IU are dating. Even now, there were some people who believe that Hyun-woo and IU have had a special relationship.

Even putting the rumors aside, we can’t deny that Hyun-woo and IU look cute together. Especially, their chemistry for UNIONBAY’s photoshoot.

Wow, IU even embraced Hyun-woo a few times.

Even though Hyun-woo says they’re just friends, do you think they look cute as a couple?