Between IU and Red Velvet’s Joy, Who Is Lee Hyun-woo’s Girlfriend?

Lee Hyun-woo’s Future Girlfriend and Wife

Lee Hyun Woo

On an interview and photoshoot session with @star1 Magazine, Lee Hyun-woo revealed that he wanted to be in a ‘public relationship’. He said that he wouldn’t hesitate to introduce his girlfriend to the public, and would be very open to public about it. But, he also added that he should consider his agency’s and his girlfriend’s opinions about it.

He went on to say that if he can be open to the public, his relationship’s life would be easier. He even said that actually, he would want to get married as soon as possible. He said that he would be a father who’s like a friend to his child. So, if he gets a girlfriend soon, maybe he would take it as a serious relationship and consider marrying her.

lee hyun woo conscription

Sadly for him, there hasn’t been any news that confirms Lee Hyun-woo is dating anyone. So, are you excited to hear Hyun-woo is still single? Or do you want him to marry as soon as possible? Let’s see what happens after Hyun-woo comes back from his conscription.

But, seeing Hyun-woo with IU and Joy, who do you think looks better? Hyun-woo with IU? Or Hyun-woo with Joy?

hyunwoo and joy