Between IU and Red Velvet’s Joy, Who Is Lee Hyun-woo’s Girlfriend?

Lee Hyun-woo and Red Velvet’s Joy’s Relationship

Hyun-woo and Joy

Lee Hyun-woo and Red Velvet’s Joy were seeming close when they met in the drama The Liar and His Lover. They played major roles in the drama, and their chemistry looked very good on camera. even Lee Jung Jin, who played Choi Jin-Hyuk, joked that the drama’s press conference was a press conference to announce their relationship. He also said that  dating rumors would probably appear after the drama ends, and it will all be because of their good chemistry on the show.

hyunwoo and joy

Lee Hyun-woo said that Joy played her role very well. He said that Joy seemed very kind, just like Sorim (her role in the drama). Equally complimentary, Joy said that Hyun-woo is very warm, and guided her with his leadership through her first drama.

hyunwoo and joy

There were some funny comments from netizens when the pair had to do a kiss scene. The couple had two kiss scenes, one on the 10th episode and another on the last episode. Let’s see their kiss scene in the video below.

One netizen said that Joy couldn’t handle Hyun-woo’s kiss, and looked like she was shocked by his kiss. Another netizen said that it was a pity for Joy, who couldn’t feel Hyun-woo’s hot kiss. Even though their kiss was just an ordinary kiss, the scene could increase the drama’s rating.

As we know, Hyun-woo is known as a good kisser. Especially because of his kiss in the drama Moorim School. So some fans were disappointed when they couldn’t see Hyun-woo’s hot kiss in his drama The Liar and His Lover.