Lee Hyun-woo Appeared on ‘Running Man’, Here is the List of Episodes!

The red team and the green team were matched first. It was a misfortune for the red team, in that they lost a second time. During the last match, though, Lee Hyun-woo got the chance to close the gap. Well, it was still bad luck for them, as Lee Hyun-woo lost the mukjippa battle. Haha and Jong-kook should accept the punishment, since they killed the flying time before they fell down to the water with their best superhero poses, like Iron Man and Batman.


The third mission was located in a village. The cast had to complete various tasks, and the first was to kick an item of clothing found in some laundry bins, so that it hangs on the line. It was easier said than done, as Hyun-woo’s item flew behind him, and Jae-suk could barely kick it into the air. When he got the gold chance to kick, it always ended up stuck in a tree limb until the tree was decorated with laundry.

The next task in the village was eating watermelon and the cast should spit the watermelon’s seed and hit their opponent’s face. The third was a yogurt bowling game, where the cast needed to use their rolled-up socks as a bowling ball to knock down the yogurt bottle pins. Lee Hyun-woo couldn’t find his luck during this task, either. Continuing to the fourth mission, the cast had to catch a chicken, which caused hilarious chaos. Haha decided to run away in this task, lol.


The last mission was a massive tug of war, and each team had to enlist the help of a hundred students. The first team to win three rounds won. As it seemed to be the golden chance to climb up the ranks, the red team kept falling down in Jong-kook’s direction. In the end, the green team won the missions and was awarded a trophy as they were crowned the official Running Man Flower Boys.

In this episode, Lee Kwang-soo called Lee Hyun-woo a “handsome fool”, because he was pretty but a fool in every game. Poor Hyun-woo. However, his innocence and sweet giggles really made this episode filled with flowers in the viewer’s hearts!

Running Man Episode 225


A year and a half later, the innocent Lee Hyun-woo made his second appearance on Running Man, alongside the handsome actor Kim Woo-bin.This episode was decorated with references from their upcoming movie, The Technicians, about three young man working as high-class thieves,  and was titled “Last Business”. The episode aired on December 14, 2014. Don’t expect that they acted like cool, smart, and handsome guys. You ‘ll get a dry throat from laughing too much watching these guests and the Running Man‘s cast doing some silly things (as usual).


The story started with the spy, Kim Woo-bin, who planned to get an ancient script. He recruited Lee Kwang-soo for this plan. As Kim Woo-bin explained the plan, Lee Kwang-soo acted so stiff, with his face so serious and blank! Before they got the ancient script they had to win some missions. The cast divided into three teams : Black (Woo-bin, Kwang-soo, and Jae-suk, Blue (Hyun-woo and SpartAce), and Red (Haha, Suk-jin, and Gary),  and the race began.