All About Lee Hyun-woo: Full Profile and ‘Running Man’ Appearances

The second challenge was going to the swimming pool and all the teams had to play Mukjipa. Mukjipa is a game we always know as “Rock, Scissors, Paper”. The team who will lose the battle will be thrown to the swimming pool using the chair. Wow, sounds fun!

For the third challenge, all the teams had to go to mural village. In here, they were given many kinds of games. Some of the games were drying clothes using feet, eating watermelons and should throw the watermelon seeds to their face. And there was also a bowling game using the yogurt bottles. There were also catching chicken games! Wow…Can you guys imagine how to do that?

And the last location was going to a field of campus and Running Man show has prepared 300 participants and the participants will choose their most favorite teams. And also, the last challenge was doing tug of war rope game with the 300 participants.

So… That’s some of the games on Running Man’s episode 147 with the guest stars, Kim Soo Hyun and our lovely Oppa, Lee Hyun Woo. Running Man never fails to make us laugh in every single of their games. That’s really awesome of them! And also we cannot refuse the cuteness of Hyun Woo Oppa played the games on the show. We hope, after Lee Hyun Woo come back from his military service, we can see the cuteness of him in one of Running Man’s episode again!