Actor Lee Hyun-woo and Singer IU: What Kind of Relationship They Have?

What’s Up with IU and Lee Hyun-woo’s Relationship?

IU and Lee Hyun-woo opened up about the dating rumors involving them from the past.

There were several rumors suggesting that Lee Hyun-woo was in a romantic relationship with IU. The most likely reasons for the rumors is because they’ve been friends for a long time, and have also been seen together on several occasions.

IU and Lee Hyun-woo Watch Late Night Movie Together

On an episode of SBS’s One Night of TV Entertainment, a photo shoot of singer IU and actor Lee Hyun-woo was revealed.

Photos of a girl and guy, who are reportedly IU and Lee Hyun-woo, were uploaded on several popular online communities and eventually made their way into the media. The photos were captioned, “IU and Lee Hyun-woo watched a movie late at night”, leaving fans to make their own guesses about the situation.

Lee Hyun Woo previously did a cameo in IU’s You & I MV, and they also worked together as MCs for Inkigayo, building up a friendship.

Fans proposed varying theories that range from the two being just good friends, to the two being more than friends. Some also suggested the photos seem to be from a group setting, cropped so that only Lee Hyun-woo and IU were singled out, or that the photos were taken by someone they both know since the photos seem a little too close-up to have been taken by a passer-by.

During an interview, IU asked Lee Hyun-woo, “How long has it been since we’ve last seen each other?” and he answered, “Isn’t it the first time after we were caught by the paparazzi?”

IU said, “I really didn’t know that photos of us were being taken. The paparazzi must be really skilled at taking photos,” while Lee Hyun-woo apologized and commented, “I was attacked by many of her male fans.”

He added, “I got to know IU through SBS’s Inkigayo. Including Minah, who was also an MC, the three of us still contact each other a lot and visit each other’s previews.”

These are several photos taken when they went to a late-night movie together, to prove the dating rumor: