Lee Hye-young Profile: Husband, Daughter, Movies, TV Shows, and Plastic Surgery

Love Life of Lee Hye-young

Her Phenomenal First Marriage


Lee Hye-young had been known to have dated a singer, songwriter, and music producer Lee Sang-min, who was a member of mix group, Roo-ra. They have a two year age gap, in which Lee Sang-min is two years younger than Lee Hye-young. Even though she is older, they had dated for almost 8 years and decided to finally get married in 2004.

Unfortunately, their marriage was not as long as their relationship when they were just boyfriend and girlfriend. They divorced in 2005 after one year and two months of living under the same roof, stating personality differences. Their divorce did not ended nicely. Lee Hye-young sued her ex-husband for fraud charges totaling up to 2.2 billion won with the charges citing incidences before their marriage and until their divorce. She also claimed that her ex-husband bought a Volvo which was worth 80 million won and a BMW worth 100 million won under her name, yet he did not repay the installment debt and caused her broadcasting payment and bank account to be seized to settle the debt. Furthermore, Lee Hye-young dropped the charges against her ex-husband on Nov 28, 2006.

Having Remarried ?

After her divorce, Lee Hye-young tried to find another chance of living a happy marriage life. She remarried on July 19, 2011 in Hawaii. Her second husband is a banker/mergers and acquisitions expert. It seems like she wants some space for her privacy in her personal life by limiting the info of her current marriage.


Lee Hye-young has had a couple of trips with her friends Jang Dong-gun and his wife Go So-young. In this photo from left to right : Lee Hye-young’s husband, Lee Hye-young, Go So-young, Jang Dong-gun.

After-divorce Situation


On the July 26, Lee Hye-young was invited to be the guest on tvN talk show called Life Bar. Lee Hye-young shared some information about her ex-husband, current husband, and many other details. She felt so painful regarding her divorce with Lee Sang-min, her sweet dreams of marriage had to ended in such a short time. She said “It was a painful time that the whole nation knew about what happened. But now, I sincerely hope he succeeds.” 

The amazing statement she gave was regarding her current husband who didn’t know about her divorce because her husband had studied abroad and didn’t read the news. She said regarding her husband “I was afraid he would get hurt later, so I told him to check the news and see his peers’ reaction, and then contact me if he still wants to meet me.”

Luckily, she has a kind-heart and wise husband. Her husband’s reaction was “My husband said, ‘What I see is the truth. Why should I listen to others? I met you every day. Why do I need to rethink after hearing what other people have said?'”, what a sweet man! After being open with her husband, they enjoy their lives better than ever before, even watching the shows where Lee Sang-min is in on.

She shared her parting thoughts about her ex-husband Lee Sang-min ended with the final statement, “I want him to remain as a good friend and memory. I hope he meets someone better than me and lives happily.” 


Not only in the Life Bar talk show, she also mentioned her ex-husband Lee Sang-min during the Sugarman 2. She complimented Lee Sang-min because of his good musical talent and said that she wanted him to continue producing nice songs. Regarding this statement, on June 12 airing of MBC Every1’s ‘Video Star’, the MCs asked Lee Sang-min’s reaction about this statement.

He decided not to talk too much. He said “Lee Hye Young remarried so I’m very cautious even to just mention her. She’s living happily so I’m very cautious about it.” He added, “I heard what she said on the show and I was thankful.” He really appreciated his ex-wife and was thankful about her current life with her new husband.

Seemingly, the three have a good relationship by forgiving the past and respecting each other’s lives.