All About Comedian and Presenter Lee Hwi-jae: Profile, Family, ‘The Return of Superman’, etc.


Lee Hwi-jae scandal

Lee Hwi-jae’s career has not always been going smoothly. There are times when he would get involved in a scandal and get publicly criticized for saying something during a show and an event. Once he got criticized for questioning actor Sung Dong-il’s outfit during the 2016 SBS Drama Awards. At the time, Sung Dong-il was being asked if he was a PD or actor or just coming from home since Sung Dong-il was wearing a casual coat which was hiding his outfit at the award ceremony. When Sung Dong-il received an award later, he revealed that the reason why he wore a coat was because of cold. Nevertheless, Lee Hwi-jae still talks down about it.

Lee Hwi-jae gag concert scandal

There also an incident where he is secretly showing his middle finger to show his dislike in a rather obvious way on the KBS Gag Concert during Jung Hyung-don’s farewell from the show to start a variety show.

Most of Lee Hwi-jae’s scandals are pointing out his character and real personality which are sometimes caught on camera.


Latest News

Lee Hwi-jae latest news

Lee Hwi-jae is currently active as a host of a KBS show. He appeared on KBS’ Battle Trip as the host of the show alongside Kim Sook and Sung Si-kyung. He was recently a guest on KBS’ Problem Child in the House and sang his songs “Say Goodbye” and “Blessing You” for the first time in the TV show.