All About Comedian and Presenter Lee Hwi-jae: Profile, Family, ‘The Return of Superman’, etc.

entertainer and father Lee Hwi-jae

Amazing Entertainer and Father of Twins, Lee Hwi-jae

Lee Hwi-jae is a popular South Korean entertainer. Lee Hwi-jae is active as a comedian and can mostly be seen as a variety show host. Lee Hwi-jae drew the public attention with his appearance on the KBS Battle Trip and The Return of Superman with his twin sons which received a lot of love from the audiences. Lee Hwi-jae is known as a professional MC but also a loving father and husband. Let’s get to know Lee Hwi-jae better.


Profile of Lee Hwi-jae

Lee Hwi-jae profile

Stage Name: Lee Hwi-jae

Real Name: Lee Young-jae

Date of Birth: December 29th, 1972

Origin: Myungyeong Country, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Blood Type: O

Religion: Catholic

Education: Yale Elementary School | Chungam High School | Department of Theater – Seoul Arts Center

Relationship Status: Married

Agency: TN Entertainment, Cube Entertainment

Years Active: 1992 – Present


Lee Hwi-jae, The Talented Entertainer

entertainer Lee Hwi-jae

Lee Hwi-jae was a former floor director of MBC’s entertainment program Sunday, Sunday Night. He then made his TV debut in the entertainment industry as a comedian, in 1992. Lee Hwi-jae rose to stardom with the program Life Theater and expanded his career afterward into hosting variety shows, such as Sang Sang Plus, Sponge, and Quiz to Change the World. In 2008, he was the third highest-paid entertainer at MBC with total earnings of 574.5 million.


Lee Hwi-jae’s Family

Lee Hwi-jae family

Lee Hwi-jae is a son of the couple Lee Gang-il and Kim Sin-ja. When he was little, his mother was the one who took care of him rather than his father. Lee Hwi-jae was less affectionate with his father during his childhood, so when Lee Gang-il saw how Lee Hwi-jae took care of his children nicely, he felt jealous and grateful for that.

Lee Hwi-jae married the florist Moon Jeong-won, on December 5th, 2010, who is 8 years younger than him. The wedding took place at the Hyatt Hotel in Seoul. Lee Hwi-jae and Moon Jeong-won first met at a blind date and started seeing each other a year before their marriage.

Lee Hwi-jae wedding

Lee Hwi-jae and Moon Jeong-won have two children, twin sons, Lee Seo-eon and Lee Seo-jun. The twins were born on March 15th, 2013. Although they are always fighting, they really love one another and take care of each other really well.

As time passed by, Lee Gang-il’s health started to deteriorate as he faced difficulties in recognizing people he saw and started having poor eyesight. In an episode of KBS’ The Return of Superman with Seo-eon and Seo-jun, the twins and Lee Hwi-jae appeared on Gayo Show, which is Lee Gang-il’s favorite TV show. However, Lee Gang-il could not recognize it and only managed to recognize the song. Lee Hwi-jae became really sad for his son’s condition.


Becoming The Return of Superman‘s Cast Member

Lee Hwi-jae and Twins

Lee Hwi-jae and his lovely family became cast members of the KBS show The Return of Superman with his twin sons, Lee Seo-eon and Lee Seo-jun in season 1. The first episode was aired on December 15th, 2013, alongside 3 other families; Epik High Tablo and Haru, Choi Sung-hoon and Choo Sarang, Hyeon-seong with Junu and Junseo.

Lee Hwi-jae’s family appeared for 5 years and became the family with the longest appearance in the show. For 5 years, Seo-eon and Seo-jun have created a lot of memories with Lee Hwi-jae and they also got through a lot of events. Not only they themselves but the interaction with the other cast members have created many unforgettable moments.

Their last episode aired on April 15th, 2018. Lee Hwi-jae decided to leave the show so his children could focus more on their own life off-camera. However, the twins were sad for leaving the show as they would miss the writer and the cameraman of the show.

To find out the latest update about the twins, check out the twins’ mom Instagram.


Lee Hwi-jae’s Famous TV Shows

Lee Hwi-jae show

Lee Hwi-jae is famous as the host of a variety show. However, he is also famous as an actor and event host for dramas and award ceremonies. His appearance has drawn public attention because of his unique charm as a host. Several of his famous shows are KBS’ Vitamin, The Return of Superman, and Battle Trip. Let’s check out Lee Hwi-jae’s list of TV show appearances.

List of Lee Hwi-jae’s dramas
Year Network TV Drama
1994 MBC 김가이가
1995 SBS 삼색우정 – 고참은 괴로워
KBS2 To Make a Man
1996 Reporting for Duty
SBS Lee Hwi-jae’s 사나이 특공대
1998 MBC Three Guys and Three Girls
1999 SBS My Love Han Ji-soon
2000 KBS2 Cool Guys
2003 Go Mom Go!
2004 Old Miss Diary
2005 SBS Banjun Drama
MBC Lawyers
Hello Franceska S3
KBS2 Look Back With a Smile
2011 MBC The Greatest Love
2013 jTBC Royal Villa
2016 Listen to Love
2017 KBS2 Confession Couple


List of Lee Hwi-jae’s movies
Year Network Movie Title Notes
1993 MBC Life Theater 1993 -1994, 1997
Baby Face Club
1994 오늘은 좋은 날 – 큰 집 사람들
1999 SBS Nam Hee-seok and Lee Hwi-jae’s Wonderful Encounter 1999 – 2000
KBS2 Nam Hee-seok and Lee Hwi-jae’s 한국이 보인다
2000 한국이 보인다 2000 – 2001
Bank 2000 – 2002
2001 SBS Beautiful Sunday
KBS2 Lee and Yoo’s Night 2001 – 2002
Super TV Sunday Fun
2003 Sponge 2003 – 2012
2004 SBS Healthy Men and Women
Star Olympiad
Medical Non – Fiction! Last Warning
Mnet M! Countdown 2004 – 2005
KBS2 Sang Sang Plus 2004 – 2008
2008 MBC We Got Married – Season 1 2008 – 2009
Quiz to Change the World
SBS 1000 Songs Challenge
2009 MBC Hunters 2009 – 2010
KBS2 I Have an Uncle
QTV Determine Women’s Ranks 2009 – 2011
2010 SBS Heroes 2010 – 2011
MBC Eco House
2011 KBS2 Secret
Birth of a Family 2011 – 2012
2012 QTV Diamond Girl
jTBC We Are Detectives 2012 – 2013
2013 MBC Every1 Extreme 7
SBS Super Match
StoryOn Diet Master
KBS2 Vitamin 2013 – 2017
Super Dog
The Return of Superman 2013 – 2018
jTBC The Victory with Doctors
Happy Together Guest with Tablo, Seong-hoon & Hyun-sung
2014 Channel A Beauty Shop
2015 MBC Every1 Match Made in Heaven Returns MC, with Leeteuk
2016 KBS Battle Trip MC, 2016 – present
SBS Vocal War: God’s Voice Co-host with Sung Si-kyung


Award Achievements

Lee Hwi-jae award achievement

Lee Hwi-jae’s popularity has been acknowledged since long time ago. He won his first award at the 2009 MBC Entertainment Awards and received the Grand Prize. Although his last award achievement is in 2016, Lee Hwi-jae is still active until now and has gained a lot of popularity with his show. Let’s check out Lee Hwi-jae’s achievements until now.

List of Lee Hwi-jae’s award achievements
Year Award Category Notable Works
2009 MBC Entertainment Awards Grand Prize (Daesang)
2010 Best MC Award (with Park Mi-sun & Kim Gura) Quiz to Change the World
2013 KBS Entertainment Awards Producer’s Special Awards The Return of Superman
2014 Popularity Award (Hwi-jae’s Twins with Sarang & Haru)
Producer’s Special Award (with Song Il-gook)
2015 Grand Prize (Daesang) The Return of Superman, Vitamin