Learn More About Lee Hong-ki and Actress Han Bo-reum’s Past Relationship!

Lee Hongki - Han Bo-reum

Learn More About Lee Hong-ki and Han Bo-reum’s Relationship!

The story of romance among artists has become a common problem. This also happens in the country that is famous for K-Pop music and the drama series. The vocalist of FT ISLAND (Five Treasure Island) and actor, Lee Hong-ki and the artist from KeyEast Entertainment’s Han Bo-reum are involved in a romance. Many people were curious about their relationship, starting from the beginning of their first meeting and getting caught by the media until they reportedly broke up! They fell in love with each other while working on Modern Farmer, and they were in a relationship for only 5 months. Are you curious about their relationship? So, in this article, Channel-Korea will give you a rundown of everything about Lee Hong-ki and actress Han Bo-reum’s past relationship! So, stay tuned!

Reported of Dating

Lee Hong-ki - Han Bo-reum

In August 2016, the FT ISLAND vocalist was reported of going out with Han Bo-reum. The news strengthened after an e-mail, received by Korean media, reported that they were dating. Moreover, according to the local media there, the e-mail content is very specific and contains information about their relationship and that’s trusted by Korean media. Additionally, the e-mail contained information that said that the two have already been dating for two years.

Lee Hong-ki and Han Bo-reum met each other for the first time when they starred in the drama Modern Farmer, in 2014. After the drama ended, they then communicated again by bowling together in one of the bowling clubs there. Then, the news about their hanging out together reached their agencies, FNC Entertainment and KeyEast Entertainment. Both of their respective agencies immediately denied the rumor by compactly stating that Lee Hong-ki and Han Bo-reum are just close friends.

Confirmed to be Dating

Lee Hong-ki - Han Bo-reum

After having denied their relationship in August 2016, Lee Hong-ki finally admitted his relationship with actress Han Bo-reum. On November 9th, 2016, they confirmed that they were indeed in a relationship. Then in the program Kiss The Radio, Kim Ho-young asked him if he is currently dating anyone? To this, he answered, “I won’t be alone this winter.” His statement seemed to confirm that he was in a relationship even before the rumor about him and Han Bo-reum appeared. This couple first worked together when they collaborated on the SBS TV series Modern Farmer, which was being aired during 2014. It seems that Lee Hong-ki and Han Bo-reum started off by being close friends first, but eventually developed their relationship into a romantic one, filled with deep feelings for each other.

The Agencies’ Responses

Regarding their confirmation, the news was also increasingly trusted by the public because their two agencies intervened. KeyEast Entertainment that oversees Han Bo-reum and FNC Entertainment, which is Lee Hong-ki’s agency both confirmed the truth about the two artists dating.

Lee Hong-ki - Han Bo-reum

Both of their agencies said “After asking Lee Hong-ki directly, the news was confirmed by him that he was indeed dating Han Bo-reum. When we denied this news last August, at that time the two of them were still just friends and liked to go bowling together. But now (November 9th, 2016), they have become a couple.” A source from KeyEast Entertainment revealed that they got close after being equally interested in each other while spending time together during bowling. But over time, Lee Hong-ki and Han Bo-reum, who have a three-year age difference, agreed to bring their relationship to a more serious level so they could build a proper relationship.

Breaking Up

Lee Hong-ki - Han Bo-reum

Shortly after they announced their relationship to the public, in November 2016, it would seem that their sparks have died down and the relationship was reportedly running aground. Usually, news about famous artists breaking up is revealed by the media, but this time it was quite different. The news about their relationship being over was reported by the artist himself through his Instagram Live, on February 8th, 2017. It seems that he had been out drinking with his friends, after which he probably got drunk and decided to share the sad news with the fans which genuinely surprised them.

He was looking directly into the camera, obviously drunk, when he admitted, in English, that he has broken up with his girlfriend and he is now single. In his Instagram Live, he said, “Finally I can talk to you guys, I don’t have a girlfriend. You know this is true. I’m alone, and I’m really sad. I’m not drunk. This is serious, I’m alone.” As he was sharing his feelings he almost burst into tears.

Lee Hong-ki - Han Bo-reum

After his statement on Instagram, FNC Entertainment, as the agency of Lee Hong-ki, confirmed the truth about their break-up. His agency said, “After talking with him, we have found out that it was true that they had broken up. They decided to stay away from each other because they’re both focused on their respective activities.” The news of their break-up was considered very unfortunate by the public, because their relationship had only started 5 months ago, since the rumor appeared, in August 2016.

Han Bo-reum’s agency also gave a response, they said: “They have been separated quite a lot because of the recent busyness and then they decided that it was best to break up.”

Well, even though they have broken up, we all hope that they’re still good friends! Cheer up!

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