Up-Close With Korean Model and Actress Lee Ho-jung!

Lee Ho-jung

Meet The Korean Model and Actress, Lee Ho-jung

Do you know the Korean model and actress Lee Ho-jung? If you are not familiar with her name, do you remember the girl that appeared in K.Will’s music video for his song titled “You Don’t Know Love” together with EXO’s Chanyeol? Indeed, Lee Ho-jung is the mentioned girl that appeared in the music video. Are you curious about her? Today, Channel-Korea will give you a rundown of everything there is to know about the Korean model and actress Lee Ho-jung. So stay tuned!

Full Profile of Lee Ho-jung


Name: Lee Ho-jung

Date of Birth: January 20th, 1997

Age: 22 years old (International age)

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: 170 cm

Zodiac: Aquarius

Social media: Instagram

Lee Ho-jung is a South Korean model who was born on January 20th, 1997, which makes her 22 years old this year. Even though she is still young, she has graced the pages of many publications, such as Vogue Korea, Elle Korea the W, and many others. Her popularity started to increase to a new level when she appeared as EXO’s Chanyeol’s love interest in the music of K.Will’s song titled “You Don’t Know Love.” Not only that, but she also accompanied G-Dragon at a photo shoot for BSX, back in August 2013.

She used to attend Hanlim Entertainment High School in Seoul, South Korea. Besides actively working as a model, she also works as an actress. She first made her debut in the acting field in the drama series Night Light that was aired in 2016.

Lee Ho-jung’s MV Appearances

K.Will – You Don’t Know Love

In this music video, Lee Ho-jung appeared as the love interest of EXO’s Chanyeol, who also appeared in the music video. Her appearances in this music video are the reason for her rapid increase in popularity. If you want to watch her appearance in the music video of K.Will’s “You Don’t Know Love,” you can watch it here:

BIGBANG – Let’s Not Fall In Love

If you want to check out Lee Ho-jung’s appearance in BIGBANG’s music video for one of their songs, titled “Let’s Not Fall In Love,” you can see her acting as BIGBANG’s Seungri’s match in the music video. You can watch her appearance in BIGBANG’s “Let’s Not Fall In Love” in the video below:

Kim Hyung-joon – Sorry I’m Sorry

Lee Ho-jung also appeared in the music video of Kim Hyung-joon’s “Sorry I’m Sorry.” In this music video, she appeared as the female lead. You can watch her appearance in the music video for Kim Hyung-joon’s song titled “Sorry I’m Sorry” by clicking play below:

Urban Zakapa – I Don’t Love You

Besides her appearances in the previous music videos, Lee Ho-jung also appeared in Urban Zakapa’s music video for their song titled “I Don’t Love You.” In this music video, she appeared as a couple with the handsome actor Yoo Seung-ho. You can watch her appearance in the music video of Urban Zakapa’s “I Don’t Love You” here:

Lee Ho-jung’s Filmography

Lee Ho-jung in Midnight Runners

Besides being active as a model, Lee Ho-jung is also active as an actress. For example, she has appeared in a movie titled Midnight Runners. The movie centers its story on two students at the Korean National Police University, Park Ki-joon (acted by Park Seo-joon) and Kang Hee-yeol (acted by Kang Ha-neul), who are witnesses of kidnapping on their way back from the club. Because the police station is busy with another case, the two students decide to embark on their own amateur investigation.

In this movie, Lee Ho-jung acted as Yoon-jung, a girl who Park Ki-joon and Kang Hee-yeol met at the club. Later, she gets kidnapped and even though Park Ki-joon and Kang Hee-yeol try to save her, they fail and get beaten instead. When she is finally saved, she thanks Park Ki-joon and Kang Hee-yeol for their help.

Lee Ho-jung’s Modeling Career

Photoshoot with Kim Jin-kyung

If you are curious about Lee Ho-jung’s modeling activities, you can find her featured in magazines, such as Vogue Korea and Ellen Korea the W. She has done a photo shoot with Kim Jin-kyung for Vogue Girl, and they both look really gorgeous in the photo shoot. Also, as they look similar they could come off as twins! You can see a few of their photos for Vogue Girl‘s photo shoot here:


Photoshoot with Zico

Besides being featured in a photo shoot with Kim Jin-kyung, Lee Ho-jung has also done a photo shoot with rapper Zico for POLHAM. In the photo shoot, they wear couple’s shirts and show their chemistry as they show their swag. You can see a few photos of their photo shoot here:


Latest News


On June 22nd, 2018, it was revealed that Lee Ho-jung is attending a script reading for the SBS drama titled Let Me Introduce Her, before the drama gets aired. She gathered with the rest of the cast of the drama, such as Nam Sang-mi, Kim Jae-won, Jo Hyun-jae, Lee Mi-sook, and many others. In the gathering for a script reading, there were also SBS executive producer Hong Chang-wook, director of SBS Plus Goo Bon-geun, chief producer Kim Yong-jin, director Park Kyung-ryul, and writer of the drama Park Un-hee present.

If you want to see more of her updates, you can find her latest activity on her Instagram account @holly608!

That is all the information about Lee Ho-jung. What do you think about her? Are you curious to find out more about her activities as a model as well as an actress? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the Korean model and actress Lee Ho-jung in the comment section below!